X Factor 2012: Christopher Maloney steals the show with an amazing version of The Rose!

34 year old customer services advisor from Liverpool, Christopher Maloney made a BIG splash on The X Factor tonight when he came on and auditioned with Bette Midler’s The Rose.

Yeah, it’s not often a guy takes to the stage to sing a Bette Midler song, but Christopher more than did the tune justice. Christopher explains to the judges that he sang The Rose at his grandfather’s funeral, which is why it means so much to him. But what might just have won him the night was his devotion to his grandmother, who accompanied him to the audition and stood backstage as he performed. He said:

I’ve always wanted to sing but people have discouraged me and said that you know, you’re not good enough. They have really knocked my confidence, they’ve discouraged me from applying, in my head I just think I’m not good enough and that’s what has stopped me from doing it.

Me and my nan are dead dead close, me granddad died and then I moved in with her to look after her. Me nan’s the only person that’s believed in my singing.

But when Christopher opens his mouth to sing, even Gary Barlow pauses to listen. Well, it is his job. He gives a beautiful, impassioned performance, and you can tell he’s honestly overwhelmed with his emotions. The judges are on their feet applauding him.

In all honesty, I’m not sure that Christopher is pop star material, and I don’t know if X Factor is the vehicle for him. But I am glad that he got his moment to sing that song on stage and get that across to the audience.

What the judges said…

  • Gary: How the hell have you kept that voice hidden till now?
  • Louis: You stole the show today, nobody else is going to get that reaction.
  • Tulisa: Christopher I am so happy that you got to sing that song for your granddad and I’m telling you that he is up there and he can see you and he is the proudest man in the world.
  • Geri: I think you’re going to be a star.

Christopher Maloney gets four yeses from the judges. Let us know what you thought of the performance in our comments section!

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  1. Mondula

    I heard a rumour that Chris was a cruise ship entertainer and his whole “I’ve never sang in front of people” line was a complete fraud. Be interesting to see if the tabloids report this in the next few days.

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