X Factor 2012: Melanie McCabe auditions (again) with Bridge Over Troubled Water

Pretty young singer Melanie McCabe made it through to judges’ houses on last year’s X Factor, but was sent home from Miami in favour of some largely forgettable singers. Seriously, I’m struggling to remember ANYONE from last year’s line-up.

Melanie returns to the auditions stage with a version of the Simon and Garfunkel classic, Bridge Over Troubled Water

Here’s the thing. Melanie’s got a beautiful look, she’d definitely make a good girlband member. But her tendency to overindulge in vocal histrionics hurt her badly during this audition: she hit several bum notes, and exposed an unusually shril voice that I think might not be pleasant to listen to after a while.

Don’t get me wrong, maybe Melanie is one of those people who’s got the potential to grow throughout the show if she gets through. And the judges seemed to be very pleased with her audition (although it makes me suspicious when they gloss over obvious tuning issues).

In the end, Melanie scored four yeses from the judges. But she still has to make it through Boot Camp and Judges’ Houses. Do you think she’s got what it takes?

What the judges said…

  • Tulisa: Melanie, your voice is even better, than what I remember from last year. That performance was outstanding, the raw talent that you have is just undeniable, you deserve to be on that stage and I’m so happy that you are there.
  • Mel B: Well I didn’t know what to expect, you’re this tiny little petite thing with this huge incredible voice, I was like woah where did that come from? You’re a little star in my eyes.
  • Gary: Melanie I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see you back here this year and giving a performance like that, it was extraordinary, well done.
  • Louis: Melanie you were so disappointed last year, I know you were. You’ve done it. I’m emotional because I know you’re from Dublin, what people don’t know is that we know each other and I know you have been through a really tough time and I didn’t know you were going to be this good today, I knew you were going to be good but you were incredible and I am so happy for you.

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