X Factor 2012: My predictions for the final 12

So it’s that time of the year again when we find out who we will be watching and supporting till Christmas. This weekend 25 acts will be battling it out at judges houses  to win those special spots on the live show and have the chance the win the X Factor.

Although the ratings haven’t been brilliant, the talent this year has been very high and we have already had the upset of losing several good acts include Jade, Melanie and Joe from last year and the brilliant Joseph which has caused uproar. The judges found out which groups they would be mentoring, which resulted in Gary having the over 25’s (very strong this year), Tulisa getting the girls, Nicole (I forgot she was in the show till last weekend at bootcamp) getting the boys and Louis bagging the groups. These are the final 12 I think will make it through:


Lucy S: I think she is definitely unique and I would love to see what she does every week for the different challenges. I think Tulisa really likes her so I think she will definitely be making to the live shows. However, I don’t think she will win the show as she is getting quite a lot of hate at the moment and people might get fed up of her.

Ella H: She wowed everyone with her own song at the auditions and again with her version of Believe at Bootcamp. She is an amazing singer and I think she will definitely make it through and could have a good chance of winning the show as she is down to earth and seems like a nice girl.

Jade E: I found this the hardest and I’m still not sure it will be this Jade. All the other girls are very talented but Jade has stood out the most for me. She has a unique voice and I think she has potential to do well in the competition.


James A: After singing Tulisa’s Young at the auditions, he has shown everyone he has a unique singing voice and he reminds me a bit of Aiden Grimshaw. I think that he will definitely get through and I hope he does really well.

Jahmene D: After wowing everyone at the auditions, he didn’t have such a great time at bootcamp. Nerves got the better of him unfortunately but he still gained a place at the judges houses. He has an amazing voice and I hope he gets through to the live shows.

Jake Q: I really liked Jake but again this third place will be a toughie. I think Adam also has a good chance of getting through with his good voice and also Nicole unfortunately likes Rylan so he might have a chance. Jake has a brilliant voice and he seems like a great guy so I think the spot might go to him

Over 25’s:

Melanie M: One of my favourite auditions, Melanie wowed everyone with her strong voice. She is brilliant and I really hope she does well in this competition. I can imagine her doing a variety of songs and I think she is a definite to get through.

Kye Sones: Kye wowed everyone at his first audition and I don’t think there has been a guy like him on the show for a while. I think he could do really well in the show and I will be really pleased if he gets through.

Carolynne Poole: This again was a hard one as she is a lovely girl but I also really liked Chris at his first audition. I think the over 25’s is really strong this year. Carolynne is a very pretty girl and I think it is her time this year so I think she will get through and do well in the competition.


GMD3: The young boy band beat Tripe J at the sing off and I think they are a brilliant young boyband. They could be the new One Direction perhaps and will gain their fans. I hope Louis doesn’t ruin them.

MK1: I really like these two and think they are quite different. I hope Louis sees their potential and puts them through. I can imagine them making songs very unique and I would love to hear their versions of tunes.

Union J (Triple J): The groups are very strong this year and I personally really like Times Red but I think the new Union J will do well. Now they have a fourth member, cute little George, they have a really good chance of getting through and doing well.

I’m really excited about some of the acts this year, especially Lucy, Ella, James, Jahmene, Melanie and Kye. Hopefully there won’t be any shocks this weekend…


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