X Factor Auditions London 26th of May

X Factor 2012 is set to be an interesting year and the auditions are already underway. Tulisa, Louis and Gary are back but after Kelly left the competition, they have yet to replace the singing star. Currently guest judges are taking the fourth place and yesterday it was Leona Lewis.

After receiving free tickets to the X Factor auditions, I decided to go to the 02 auditions not knowing really what to expect. The queues were long and with the hot weather it was quite a tedious wait. The doors were meant to open at half 4 but didn’t open till 5.45 and unfortunately there wasn’t a real explanation why they were running so late. It was nearly 7 before the auditions started and we were seated half way to the stage. Tulisa, Gary, Louis and Leona were introduced and they made their way to their seats. After Geri was at the Liverpool auditions, I think Leona was a good choice for the London auditions. After experiencing the talent show herself and is still very successful after several years, at least she knows what she’s talking about.

There was a huge mix of contenders, some bad, some okay but not great and some brilliant. The three main stars that stood out were 3 women, 1 in the younger women category and 2 in the over 25’s. The girl in the younger category came out and performed two brilliant songs, At Last by Etta James and Love On Top by Beyonce. She had a stunning voice and was very likable. I bet she will do very well in the competition. One of the ladys in the overs came out and sang Alica Keyes ‘If I aint got you’. She was so amazing and I loved her performance. Her daughter came out and was so cute and I can’t wait to see her performance on TV. It is funny how when you are watching it there, there isn’t no music and it definitely makes it so much more dramatic when you know the back story and there is that ‘emotional music’. The third lady that made a huge impact on me was a woman who came out and sang Lady Marmalade. She was brilliant and sounded so much like Christina. She got everyone on their feet and she is one to watch. Other highlights included a cute boyband who got named quite old as they were in their 20’s! They were very good looking and I really enjoyed their version of Titanium.

It was definitely strange how some of the contestants came out and were asked loads of questions and some of the others were barely asked anything. Contestants kept coming out one after another and I was surprised how confident they were with all those people there at the 02. A Prince lookalike was also a big hit with the audience. He was hilarious with his funny moves and his version of ‘Kiss’. He took his top off to the crowds too which got lots of giggles from the audience. There was some awkward moments too with a few contestants who weren’t up to the standard. I don’t know how many times I heard, “please let me do another song” or “What can I do to get through”. It was almost like begging and I did feel sorry for them.

Caroline Flack also made an appearance filming some footage for the Xtra Factor. She was full of it, dancing away to the Prince act and it was quite funny to see. The judges were good, Gary made some good points and Tulisa was full of it, especially when a rapper kept calling her baby and sang a song about her. Leona Lewis was very friendly to the audience and kept turning round and waving at everyone. She seemed very down to earth and although I’m sure she wasn’t as loud as Geri and other judges, she came across very sweet and made some valid points. I think she will come across well on the show and she definitely won over the audience.

So it looks set to be another good year when it returns to our screens in a few months and already I can see a few stars in the making.


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