X Factor: Can Treyc Cohen’s Relight My Fire reignite her popularity?

After seeing Mary Byrne sing a song attached to Take That, Treyc Cohen comes along with her version of Relight My Fire

She’s on stage in a sexy red dress and reclining on a chez longue. It’s a brilliant disco track, and she’s avoided the trap everybody else has fallen into tonight – she hasn’t tried to reinvent the wheel. She keeps it straight disco.

Something that’s very obvious when the dance part begins is that Treyc isn’t actually dancing. That draws the inevitable comparison with Alexandra Burke, who would have sung the song but also would have really worked the stage. Treyc was conspicuous by standing still on the stage surrounded by dancers moving all around her.

I’m getting the feeling that Treyc’s time on [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] may be drawing to a close. That’s a shame, but I don’t think there’s anything that she can do now to make herself more popular. But is it true that Cheryl’s not connecting with her and giving her the right style and song decisions?

Judges’ Comments

  • Louis Walsh: A brilliant song choice. I know you got a shock when you were in the bottom two last week, but you came back, you’#re fighting. That was a brilliant performance. I cannot find anything wrong with you. I love you.
  • Dannii Minogue: Great for you for getting back up there and having that energy. You can sing people off that stage, this is the best you’ve ever looked. My question is the same every week, what is it that’s your signature. I’m not sure if I went to your concert or bought your album what I’d get.
  • Simon Cowell: Treyc I can’t fault that vocal. You are a great great singer. The problem is, I don’t think there’s a connection between you and Cheryl, because at the moment – and Dannii’s got a point – there isn’t a connection as a recording artist. What you’re not doing with her is turning her into a recording artist. It’s just someone who comes out on a Saturday night, sings well, looks pretty, but there’s nothing original yet. You’ve gotta put some of your energies that you’re putting into the others to make her stand out.
  • Cheryl Cole: You’re out of order. We work with the themes and whatever the theme is that week, I find the song that I think works best for her and she always delivers. And I have got a connection with her thank you very much. 

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