X Factor: Check out Matt Cardle’s band Seven Summers

Matt Cardle is about to become a household name if he manages to squeeze through to the X Factor 2010 live shows. And all our intelligence gathering tells us that he will (check out the rumoured X Factor Final 12 post on Unreality TV).

But like the thousands of people who apply for X Factor each year, this isn’t Matt’s first crack at the music biz. Earlier this very year – that’s 2010 for those of you without calendars – Matt’s band Seven Summers released their debut album, an alternative rock tour de force that’s surprisingly good.

Cardle was the frontman for the group and played acoustic guitar for them. Rounding out the lineup are Alex Baker (drums), Jon Holland (bass) and Neillo (guitars). The band’s MySpace profile describes Cadrle’s extraordinary voice as the focal point of Seven Summers. And it’s not hard to see why. Nothing you’ve heard of Matt Cardle on X Factor holds a candle to his gutsy, raw performances with his band.

The last message on the band’s official website is dated July 2010, and hints at them not being a full-time group: “We do band in and around real life, on our own terms.” Which would explain why Matt Cardle is auditioning for X Factor instead of rocking up a pub somewhere in Essex. Personally though, it’s changed my opinion of him – I like the fact that he’s got a great rock voice, although X Factor may not be the best showcase for his talents.

I’ve embedded a couple of their videos for you to get a feel for the band’s music – I think you’re going to like Seven Summers’ original material. And yes, checked shirts and that manky green cap seem to be Matt’s clobber of choice. Busker chic or aspiring vagrant? You tell me.

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  1. Ageing tart

    You know one of my main criticism’s of the X factor is that they have a completely different notion of what a group is. For there purposes it is a bunch of people who all sing.  But that definition is very narrow. I much prefer a group that play’s musical instruments. Because they can come up with their own sound. Seven Summers is a good group or a good band and in my view deserve success in their own right.

    Yes I know I’ve got my judging head on again, but Matt Cardle has a really good pop voice and could lead any band willing to work on a unique sound. The X factor in my view is not the way to do it, as it can’t develop him any more than he is already.

    I was sad to read that the band was not a permanent full time band in the broadest meaning of the words ‘full time’.

    Lets do a comparison here, I watched Simply Red and thought Mick Hucknell has at least another good 10 years in him yet he is retiring back after 25 years in the business for the benefit of the family. So ok this is his personal choice after all he has done it all now. Pubs, clubs, Civic institutes, Theatres, Sports Stadiums, Arenas the whole gammit of venues he has done it. He has done the cover version the self penned song that has become an audience athem, the rock treatment, the gospel treatment and the accoustic. He has also done homage to the wonderful Ella. Anyone who doesn’t know what I mean here, one day I turned on the radio and thought what a beautiful old song, I’m nearly certain it was Ella Fitzgerald, the big surprise came when the DJ said it was Mick Hucknell and I thought that was perfect. The song was EVerytime we say goodbye.

    I think Matt Cardle has the same potential as Mick Hucknell and I’m curious whether the Simon Cowell’s of this world will spot that. If they don’t, it really is a damned disgrace.

    BTW I like good music, whether it is classical, musical theatre, jazz, blues, Soul, I could go on….and ususally do,  including Rock and the album by the Seven Summers mentioned earlier on the page, I would buy tomorrow if it was in the shops.


    AGeing tart

  2. Eljay

    with all you wrote AGeing tart.. Wanted to let you know that the album is available either ‘in the flesh’ so to speak, from their site http://www.sevensummers.com or downloadable in MP3 format from Amazon.

    My copy arrived the day after I paid for it using Paypal (now that’s service!) and I must say, it’s one, if not THE best album I’ve bought in the last couple of years! Definitely worth getting, and highly recommended


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