X Factor: Cher Lloyd DID get less votes than Mary Byrne and Katie Waissel should have went home!

The X Factor final is over, the voting figures have been released and what we’d all suspected has proved to be true.

Had the judges not opted for a last minute sing off on the semi finals results show, it would have been Mary Byrne and not Cher Lloyd performing on last night’s penultimate show…..though we’re not sure how will.i.am would have felt about that.

Results displayed on the ITV website reveal that the pint sized rapper only received 11% of the overall public votes last Sunday, while the Dublin belter clocked up 14%.

Also, looking at one of the other most controversial weeks, when Cheryl Cole refused to choose between Treyc Cohen and Katie Waissel, but show bosses would not send the show to deadlock, it appears that had public voting figures been used Treyc would have survived having received 3.5% of the vote compared to Katie’s 3.2%.

It was also interesting to see that Matt Cardle received the most votes every week, except for week one when he came second to Mary Byrne and during last night’s vote freeze, it was almost One Direction who left, with only 3% between the boyband and eventual eliminee Cher.

Have a look at the figures yourself and let us know if there are any shockers in there for you!




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  1. ThatOne

    The Monday after Mary’s “execution” I was commenting that Cher came bottom in at least two public votes, and only my dog would listen.  As I don’t have a dog my comment was not exactly successful.  So I now have to tell you why…

    Does anyone really think that the stars for the duets were not booked before the semi-final result was known?  Four international stars available at 6 days notice? Four or five weeks ago XF took a punt that Rebecca, Matt, the boy-bland, (never could remember the name…) and Cher would make the final, and lined up the stars, (including a very disgruntled Christina Aguilera who only wanted to promote her album, which is selling like cold cakes), they could get at shorter notice than is usual.  Everyone booked, contracts signed, public told they get the only vote… and the semi-final voting showed that Mary had a lead over Cher that could not be over-turned by the last votes coming in.  Quick conference where Simon told everybody what they thought, then agreement with Louis and Mary that Mary would get sweeteners for letting Cher through, and the booking of will.i.am was saved.  As was the payment he would have received anyway…

    Money, it’s a drag…  Maybe, but tracking it around XF is fun!

  2. Ageing tart

    Having checked the results the public had it right on three occassions through the ten weeks of the heats inclusive of the final.

    The Judging panel got it wrong on at least 4 occassions which leaves 3 which were correct.  

    In total that means 7 weeks out of the 10 gave fourth results for the lowest scores which did not result in the right act going home.

    I think when you see it like this, it should tell you one thing. As a tv viewer we need greater transparency, maybe the whole show should be decided according to the viewers vote. Yes I mean the whole show from start to finish should be based upon the viewers vote.

    I also believe that the dueting week should occur a lot earlier in the competition so that viewers get to see how their favourite copes in a duet situation Say week 6 but before that they should be taught to back each others songs.

    I do believe that educationally wise the contestants should be given a 4 week course in song writing and rudiments before the show heats start and that in week 4 of the heats we should hear a verse and a chorus from each contestant of something they have written themselves. I also do believe that all the contestants should be taught how to back each others songs and from week 6 onwards they should do this with other experienced backing vocalists.  

    This programme in its present state does not take contestants on a learning curve as the production team believe in faking it with loud backing and ott dance routines which is a complete distraction from whatever the wanabes may be able to do.

    I also think all shows should be live low key affairs for the first five heats, to give wanabes the chance to sing and be heard above backing and not distracted by dancers and audiences need to be encouraged to be respectful when people are speaking.

    There are times when during the show the audience was nothing but a rabble at a football match. In a concert situation in a theatre this would never do. Which goes to show how cheap, nasty and cowboy like the show has become.

    The telephone companies also need to place a stop on block voting. One landline one vote. One mobile one vote. This would be the fairest way to ensure the right contestants went through.

    Time this show producers started to think the way professionals do.

    Rubbish begets rubbish and does not give lasting careers.


    Ageing tart

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