X Factor: Cheryl Cole repackages her freebies!

Cheryl Cole repackages things she has been given for free and gives them away as gifts to other people.

The ‘Promise This’ singer is not as generous as she makes out to be, according to her friend Simon Cowell, who she is a judge with on UK TV talent show ‘The X Factor’.

Simon said: “Whenever you go to an event and you get a bag of freebies, Cheryl repackages them and gives them to somebody else. I always give mine to charity.”

Simon also branded Cheryl “narcissistic” after previously accusing her of copying the ‘salute’ gesture he used to do for fans.

He added to Syco: “We’ve established that she won’t be copying my salute anymore. She says it’s a salute to Cheryl’s Army, which is so narcissistic! I don’t think she realises how insane that sounds.”

Cheryl isn’t the only ‘X Factor’ star to pass on the freebies she is given because of her celebrity status.

Earlier this year, Dannii Minogue admitted she and her sister, singer Kylie Minogue, often swap the clothes they are given because they are different sizes.

She said: “I get so much gorgeous stuff. I’m slightly bigger than her, so if she gets something a bit big, she’ll give it to me, and if I get something too small, it goes her way.”

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  1. ThatOne

    Wow!  Some more snide mind-games from “Simon-rhymes-with-bowel”.  All the rumour-mongering dragged XF down lower than Heat magazine.  If Simon told me the sun was round I’d almost expect a yellow cube to rise in the East.  Fact is Simon was telling everybody that his boy-bland would definitely win, and the only act One Dimensional actually beat in the final was one who should never have been there.  So all he has left is cheap sniping.

    That’s not really true.  Simon made some specific and detailed promises to Rebecca and he needs to be knuckling down and preparing to keep his word.  Rebecca has gone off for some quality time with her children; that little family will have its best ever Christmas so far.  Then someone has to start talking schedules and numbers, and be ready to put it all down on paper.  This year’s XF has severely tarnished Simon’s reputation as it is.  Playing slick and easy with Rebecca would do him more harm than he probably imagines.

    This coming XF tour could keep the media more interested than all of the others combined.

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