X Factor: Cheryl Cole’s hairdresser takes inspiration from Dracula

We know she’s the nation’s sweetheart, but Cheryl Cole’s hairstyle on last night’s X Factor took a critical pounding on Twitter. While most pundits described it as a Princess Leia style, one shrewd observer noticed it looked a lot like Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

So, we dug out the photographic evidence from our archive (Google Image search) and it’s undeniable – Cheryl’s rocking the decaying blood-starved male vampire look!

After Dannii Minogue’s oversized bow faux pas from last week – or should that be bow pas? – Cheryl took X Factor fashion to a new low as the bride of Dracula. Despite her towering ‘do, I still felt she looked a little lost on the stage this week. Or maybe it was self-consciousness at allowing her stylist to take such a risk with her hair?

Still, maybe it’s not too late for a role in the next Twilight movie?

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  1. justME

    ooer! it seems so Gerard..it’s certainly incredibly very almost exactly similar, to say the least. She looks to me like she’s also wearing her dress back-to-front.Maybe i’m just old fashioned; i think pop-vogue seems to have gone up the creak, or up the swanny river forever now.

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