X-Factor: Clever to make us care?

The auditions are in full swing and obstructing everyones Saturday nights. It’s a strange thing , that X- Factor. Ask anyone their opinion and they complain about something about the show, but it’s high viewing figures prove people still watch it. They hate but they support. Like Coldplay. 

From the brain of “the most powerful man in music” (snort) Simon Cowell, the whole thing is smoke and mirrors from the start. A vehicle for Cheryl Coles album wrapped in the pretence of finding talent. Talent being used very loosely here, Jedward anyone? 

The choice of judges alone, should warn us all that the next Bob Dylan isn’t likely to appear on ITV primetime anytime soon. Cheryl ‘cant sing’ Cole and Dannii ‘what career?’ Minogue aren’t really in any position to judge musical talent. But that isn’t really their purpose, that of course is to pout through the fake tan and make bitchy comments to cause drama. This was humorously highlighted through the choice of guest judges, like for like (Natalie Imbrulia) or younger (Pixie Lott). Basically Cowell sending a big ‘you’re replaceable’ banner to the ladies of the panel.

Leaving Professional Leprechaun and Westlife enabler Louis Walsh, and Robson and Jerome (remember them?) mastermind Cowell to round out the panel.

Simon Cowell admits himself he is not a music fan, except when he’s on the show, then it’s all about the music. And careers. And singers. Like Leon. Who? 

A very big and popular production? Most definitely. Respected musical talent? Not likely. A giant farce with shiny lights and shinier teeth? Absolutely. Will we all watch till the very end? Of course.


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