X Factor Final 12 Scandal – Was Gamu Nhengu robbed?

The biggest scandal of tonight’s final 12 revelations on [[The X Factor 2010|X Factor]] was that Gamu Nhengu – a fan favourite since her first autotuned performance – didn’t get shortlisted. It was thought by many commentators that Gamu was almost a dead cert to make the live shows. She wowed the judges with consistently good performances, and a unique way of reinterpreting songs that made her stand out from the 200,000 strong crowd.

Viewers were shocked when Cheryl Cole selected Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel for her three acts – both of whom made serious mistakes during their judges houses rounds. Cher Lloyd was ill on the day she performed for Cheryl and broke down in tears, unable to complete her song. Katie Waissel, who had forgotten her lyrics on her first audition, also fumbled her way through her performance for Cheryl and Will.I.Am.

As always with X Factor, emotions were running high about the decision to bin the talented Gamu in favour of flakey and inconsistent acts like Cher and Katie. Some critics went as far as to complain that Cheryl was being racist in choosing a predominantly white line-up, especially considering that the majority of the shortlist were black.

However, on balance, Cheryl championed Alexandra Burke to her X Factor win two years ago, and her third finalist this year is Rebecca Ferguson.

A number of commenters on Twitter however believe that Cheryl was told which acts to put through, since she was absent from the later stages of auditions and boot camp. I’m not sure how I feel about that news, because it would have made Will.I.Am’s appearance at Judges’ Houses redundant.

Justice For Gamu!

There was a brief flicker of a Twitter campaign brewing – several people suggested that viewers get ‘justice’ for Gamu by voting Katie Waissel out on the first night of live shows. The tweets were hashtagged #justiceforgamu.

I love the idea, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired, since X Factor encourages you to vote for your favourites. It would be much harder to eliminate a contestant through a social media campaign.

There still may be a chance for Gamu though, as rumours abound that there’ll be a wildcard round and some contestants from judges’ houses may return.

On a final note – I think I would prefer Treyc Cohen to return to the show – she’s got a great contemporary look and a fantastic pop voice. What’s your take on the situation – should Gamu have gone through to live shows, or would you have preferred someone else? Or – shock! – are you happy with Cheryl’s final 3 choices?

Update: A Facebook group has sprung up for people who think “Gamu should’ve got through“, which already has over 19,000 members. Wow.

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  1. Robbi

    As many may have picked up on the preview to next week’s first “Live” Final performances there is going to be a “Big Twist”.

    So what will be the “Big Twist”, well here we go-

    The Final 12 will become the Final 16, with a additional “Wildcard” in each section πŸ˜‰

    I may be wrong, but it’s a fairly good bet given that it has been widely rumoured for a few weeks that each judge would have 4 Finalists to mentor this year, instead of 3.

    In anycase, I guess we’ll all just have to wait & see if I’m right, including me πŸ˜‰

    1. Robbi

      Well all I can say is, you heard it from me first on Unreality Shout !!

      How spot on was I, however I have to admit it was pretty obvious that’s what was going to happen πŸ™‚

      So much for “The Big Twist” being a Big Secret !!!!

      As for the 2 acts voted off tonight I must admit I was very surprised that FYD were voted off- it would be very interesting to find out how many votes they actually got compared to Katie.

      That said, after JLS, maybe the British public are not yet quite ready to see a major challenge to their huge success so far ?

      Personally I thought that Wagner & Katie might be the 2 to get voted out but that goes to show what I know !!


      1. Gerard McGarry

        Interesting point about whether JLS are ready for competition from FYD. Ooh, lots of acronyms there.

        It’s been in the back of my head that Treyc Cohen may represent a big threat to Alexandra Burke if she gets all the way to the record contract. I think they could be packaged in almost exactly the same way, except Treyc may have the superior voice. What do you think?

        1. Robbi

          Hi Gerard,

          Personally I don’t think Treyc will be a big a “Commercial” success as Alexandra no matter how far she gets in the competition.

          I would actually like to see Matt win as I think he could turn out to be a much more “original” artist !

  2. RandomEnigma

    I would love to see Gamu and/or Yuli get through as wild cards because both women are incredibly talented and actually seem very genuine.

    But of course the contestants brought through to the Final 12 were chosen for entertainment value over talent. I’m not saying that the Final 12 aren’t talented but if you take the three girls put through, you can see why they were chosen. Rebecca was chosen because she completely lacks in confidence and viewers can “watch her journey as a whole new, better person”. Cher was chosen because she’s become something of an overnight star since her first audition. All the biggest urban stars such as Soulja Boy, Keri Hilson and Ciara were praising her on Twitter so of course that’s going to bring attention. Katie was chosen because she’s cute and clearly an overdramatic attention seeker. Be prepared for Katie to provide tabloids with heartfelt mournful interviews about how everyone hates her, hence providing exposure to the show.

    And honestly, I like Cher a lot. I think she could bring something different to The X-Factor this year as opposed to the same boring ballads and select number of up-tempos that are normally present.

    I see where your coming from with TreyC Cohen. She has a good look, voice, the whole package but she reminds me too much of Alexandra Burke.

  3. miss mtv

    Gamu was by far the best contestant, she has her own unique, natural style of singing and her voice is beautiful however because she does not fit the mould ofthe contemporary/ commercial image her talent counts for nothing. It is disgusted and as a result of this I and a fairly large group of friends are considering boycott of the show because we are tired of the constant ‘fix’ situations which have seen genuine talent fall by the wayside time and time again!!

    And if as is rumoured it is a wild card scenario big deal!! It is still an insult to Gamu because she is not the fourth option but without reservation should have been the first option!!!


  4. maxyB

    I think Cheryl’s decision gives a message that if you are white it doesn’t matter if you mess up or not as talented as others, or even a ‘drama queen’, you will still get on. But if you are black extremly talented, do a great audition you still won’t get on.

    As for Cheryl championing Alexandra Burke she only started to champion her after both Laura and diane Vickers were out.

    Anyway everybody knows that the X Factor is not a competition about the best singers….Jedwood.



    1. miss mtv

      MaxyB you are sooo right I had forgotten about Diane Vickers, Cheryl was well into Laura and especially Diane and when I come to think of it her attention only went to Alexandra when she became her only hope!

      This programme is such a farse!!!!!

      I get really tired of people highlighting the race card where there is no evidence to support this however on this occasion I can only but agree. It has never been more blatant that if you are black and do well and display more talent it matters not if you are competing against your counterpart as long as they have some talent. It seems the only hope that you would have is …. well I dont know really!! …

      If white contestants are really really poor i suppose thats your best hope. It is really bad and I am sorry that it is this way.

  5. Labby

    I quite agree with a number of the commentators on this blog that the whole thing is nothing but a fiasco. Cheryl has a particular like and in as much as she tries to come across as being impartial, she is not able to pull it off. Cher is clearly her pet project and it was always clear to everyone that she was going to be picked despite two awful auditions (bootcamp and Judges house). As for the Weasel girl, I guess she would bring a lot of publicity (albeit negative) to the X Factor. My advise to TreyC, Gamu, Kerri and Anastacia, keep sending demos to all the record companies here and abroad and you just never know. It is clear that talent is clearly not what they are looking for as if it were, all the previous winners will be selling records today. I rest my case!! 

  6. steelcitylambrit

    This probably sounds a bit tenuous but I just thought of another possible reason – maybe she put Katie through as a sort of justification for putting Cher through? i.e by putting two girls through who both fluffed their audition it makes it better by some twisted logic and avoids accusations of favouritism if she had just put Cher through?

    Cher I could understand in a way because of her illness (although to be honest she seems far too fragile mentally to be able to cope from what we’ve seen so far) but Katie should not have been given a second chance, not when all the other girls stood up and gave terrific performances that weren’t all about fake-crying and drama. If she DID genuinely fumble the words then she’s definitely got a problem as she’s done it in 2 out of the 3 qualifying rounds – but if she put it on then she definitely shouldn’t have got through. Plus she’s already had several shots at fame if reports are to be believed – so I would have thought that told you something about her ability (or not) to sell records….

    Gamu, Keri and Treyc would all have been far better picks than Katie.

    Also gutted that Paije didn’t make it – I would have certainly expected him to go in over Nicolo. But I do actually find Nicolo quite entertaining, I think he’s quite tongue-in-cheek and can laugh at himself – I just don’t particularly like his overdone singing style. Matt’s my favourite though, what a voice. I just hope he can improve his stage performance skills and they don’t try and turn him into another awful Olly Murs clone…..

  7. leitchgizmo

    this is how my conspiracy theory works out, i would say we will get a wildcard thru, i hope it is gamu but i also think trey c was better than cher and katie also so really no justice will be done. but i do think it will be gamu because we did not even see any footage of her face after she got rejected not evern for two seconds which leads me to beleive her whole talk with cheryl was fake and acted and well gamu isnt an actress and it got cut to the bear minimum on the programme plus when cheryl is acting or lying she always frowns and tightens her lips which she done all thru her gamu bit.

    i am also in the camp of voting out the people who should not be there, the two groups that simon made for himself and katie…..katie first as she has no place on this show whatsoever, she has been placed there and she should be voted off first week as for simons bands they should be gone to show simon that the public are not so daft….as soon as he got the groups, most peopke i know said he will fix it somehow and yes he fixed it alright! cher is low on my hate list but she is still on it, she messed up her audition and for that reason should not be there, she has done nothing but 1 little rap that most teenagers do infron of their mirror everyday…trey c deserves to be in the group of girls.

    it is easy to hate the x factor at the moment and i i would like people to make some sort of proper protest against it and i know we wont stop watching it so getting rid of the stage acts is a good start, over the years it has got worse and more staged, now it is not about just the xmas number one it is about getting someone that will generate money all year round, the winners in the last few years show this and it is at the expense of reality and substance, if anyone is familiar with top grear you will know how cringeing the stig became and how staged the presetners taks were, the xfactor is the same now, it is so cringeworthy it makes me sick and puts me off what is actually a really good idea and platform for talent

  8. Ageing tart

    Cheryls 3 should have been Rebecca, Tracy Cohen and Gamu. That is if singing is what the competition is supposed to be about.

    Instead we have a wanabe Madonna in the figure of Katie and a Rapper with Cher. The only singer in the bunch is Rebecca.

    I feel there has been mistakes elsewhere in the competition to, but no doubt these mistakes will stand out in the heats to follow.

    Each of the four judges selecting one wildcard and then puting it to the audience vote isn’t going to solve the problem of the mistakes as three will go home again. In fact its a big insult to ask the contestants to come back because they weren’t selected first time round and its a sympathy vote that gets one of them a place in the competition.


    AGeing tart



  9. Ageing tart

    To stop the judges from making there choices and instead each singer for each group is given one last audition and the viewers vote for there favourites in each group.

    The highest voted contestants in each section, then go through to the heats.


    Ageing tart

  10. mi4

    Cher is the best! In my eyes, no doubt! I am sick and tired of hearing the same old ballads! Yes she messed up a bit the last time but hey, Do u really know what it is to suffer from tonsilitis? I know I had this horror b4!  she’s so brave 4 trying, plus just lost her beloved uncle aged34! That is so brave from her! I am sure she’ll pick herself in the live shows<3 she brings something different and current. Good choice from cheryl here but I definitely can’t stand katie waissel, full of herself, a drama queen!

    Sorry for Gamu’s fan. Didn’t like her. She doesn’t have the popstar quality. Doesn’t stand out 4 me! My choices would be : 1 cher 2 rebecca 3 treyc In chery’s category

  11. Gerard McGarry

    Are you serious, Maureen? I think the standard of the singers is actually quite high this year from what I’ve seen on TV. The major stumbling block for most of the finalists (and it’s early days yet – they may surprise us) is presonality. I don’t think many of them are memorable and those that are are memorable for all the wrong reasons.

    Storm Lee for instance seems to be some kind of egotistical loser, who at 37 still hasn’t ‘made it’ in the biz. He famously ranted to Louis Walsh that he’d spent years sleeping on people’s sofas waiting for his big shot. It sounds more to me like he’s a bum who refused to work a real job, and now has a sense of entitlement that he should get this opportunity. Frustratingly, he’s still a good singer, but his lack of likeability means that no-one will vote for him.

    I think that’s why I gravitate towards lovable fake, Katie Waissel. Even though she’s clearly acting a part rather than being herself, at least she’s entertaining. And again, once she stops pretending to forget the words (that won’t wash in the live shows, watch her remember lyrics flawlessly from now on). She’s still a reasonably good singer though, if you forget about all the other stuff.

  12. Ageing tart

    When I consider all the avenues I have experience of and all the singers I have met over the years, the x factor is definitely not always about finding good or excellent singers.

    It should be about finding singers and it should send teams of people out into the communities, this is one aspect of what the programme is missing. It should also be out looking for songwriters and bands where they actually play musical instruments.

    On the seriously critical front its about making money a trickle of which will benefit the top 5 at the halfway point in the heats.

    Also the X factor gives us a lot of media stories to build up the programme whether it is good press or bad press, as long as the X factor is in the news the programme stands to make money from viewers, and sponsors.

    BTW I have since heard that Gamu’s family visa had run out and she was now having to apply for one in her own right, unfortunately the family have had to return to Zimbabwe. As far as Gamu’s visa application it hasn’t arrived in time and looks like its been turned down which is a catastrophe when an MP recently fast forwarded one for an employee.

    This is sad news, because I actually believe that this girl would have stood a better chance in Britain getting a career in singing despite not getting through to the X factor programme.

    Maybe immigration rules should be overlooked if a person has a talent that would be best represented in Britain. After all the list of professional people allowed in is a bit thin.


    Ageing tart

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I don’t tend to compare X Factor to anything other than previous years of the same show, Maureen. Compared with last year, I feel that the singers are significantly stronger.

      I know how you feel about X Factor developing closer ties with the ‘regions’ of the UK, but I can’t ever see that happening, since the process is entirely about pulling in the maximum number of people and doing auditions on a bulk basis. I’d be happier if the show only accepted people who had some form of gigging or songwriting experience. That would at least show that they’re serious about their art.

      More on Gamu later. I think we need to have a more specific discussion about her immigration situation.

  13. mi4

    First of all, Gamu is no Whitney or celion Dion 4 God’ sake! Yes she can sing but it is not extraordinary! Many others are far better than her. Eg: Treyc, Matt, Cher ( for this generation).

    Secondly, I always believed that it is so wrong to fraud benefits! They are not that poor, her mum is a graduated nurse! How can she secretly fraud the system when applying for her indefinite stay! These people wants everything 4 themselves and don’t want to leave anything 4 others! Gamu is 18 she obviously know right from wrong! STOP GIVING HER SO MUCH ATTENTION! Hate it:( Many families have been deported because of they breached their asylum conditions. Is Gamu made of gold? or  just because she sang on the x factor? Please use common sense.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I have to agree this point – Gamu was not the second coming of Celine or anything of that nature. I loved her ability to rework a melody, especially on Walking On Sunshine. Lisa’s actually adopted the ‘Gamu version’ to sing around the house.

      I’m gonna disagree with your second point though. How many UK nationals are right now defrauding the benefit system? From what I’ve heard, Gamu’s mother may be a graduated nurse, but she’s not earning loads of money. Let’s put it this way, surely any request for benefits would have to be means tested, therefore the family were low income.

      You can’t defend the breach of regulations if that’s what it was. But I kind of feel sorry for the girl because she took a shot at getting a better life for herself, and by applying for X Factor she drew attention to herself. I don’t think she’s made of gold, but it’s an unfortunate situation and I do feel empathy for her family. If the same overpayment situation had happened to someone from this country, they’d have been given the opportunity to pay the sum back.

  14. mi4

    By the way, how many people are super talented in many ways and have been deported? Or is it because they were not on tv? Ask yourself.

  15. mi4

    Gamu portrays such a positive figure or character. Do you know why? Because of the major positive media towards her. We don’t know nothing about Gamu, yes she can sing but she’s not the best, as I mentionned b4. Her character remains a mistery,thus it’s a risk to take; whereas Cher has such an negative media attention. For what? what did she do? She’s a normal modern 17 years old girl who shows her character and being upfront. I don’t think Cher has much more to reveal. It shows. No risk to take. Pros: relevant, fresh, can sing, entertain, current, good image. That is the x factor. Cons: She messed up her last audtion, but I don’t blame her following her illness and the loss of her beloved uncle.Gamu, Pros: can sing.Full stop Cons: doesn’t have the pop star quality (image), not current. The songs make her look like some1 in their 40’s, mysterious character (unknown), fraudulent family.

    I definitely agree with Chery’s decision. Now, I think we should all wait and see till Saturday to see who will deliver and has the x factor. The competition starts now, and please 4get about Gamu cos she’s not there anymore. I have nothing against her because I do not know her, I just cannot connect with her. Good luck to her in her life, still and please Gamu if you read this, be honest in your life and no more illegal money. No indefinite stay= no benefits.

  16. Ageing tart

    If someone in Britain needs to claim benefits it is because they are on a low income, not because they are fraudulently claiming a benefit.

    I also think it is highly unlikely that if someone were fraudulently claiming a benefit that there son or daughter would be appearing in a main stream tv reality show, when they would know that the exposure would bring to public scrutiny. Warts and all would come on these shows as the contestants sell their souls for 15 minutes of fame.

    However, it does seem very unfair that if someone fraudulent or criminal does exist somewhere that a contestant who is innocent braves the media storm should be penalised.

    Since Cameron and Clegg starting making wild cuts to claw back money off the National Debt and the millions of pounds Britain is adrift in the economy caused by greedy estate agents, financiers and the banking industries, he has rabbited on about taking it out of the Welfare budget that includes benefits. This has made an awful lot of genuine people feel like muck, fraudsters, and criminals for no other reason that they’ve found themselves in a dependent situation.

    Now I’m not so naive to think that fraudsters don’t exist, those with six names claiming rents on six different properties or whatever, screwing the state to the tune of millions of pounds, but the numbers doing this are very few and far between.

    BTW someone in there 40’s is still current, in actual fact the majority of all good artists are well into their 40’s before they’ve been recognised as artists with any longevity, this is despite the fact that some may have had a commercial appearance or so at some point in their earlier lives. Or maybe like most working artists they have still to be discovered.

    It is just because of the new digital and technological age that has taken over what was the sensible world, that A & R men and talent scouts no longer get out of their plush company offices to go hunting for talent anymore that the music industry is failing anyone over the age of 30 never mind 40. In fact musicians and singers who are really of note would say the television industry also fails them big time. This is because the TV companies don’t do their own talent searches any more either.

    I seriously resent commentary that is leaning towards the descriminative of age or sex or of a defamatory nature simply because it is not polite, and it angers me.

    BTW unless using abbreviations or needing to highlight a given text for emphasis, capital letters is known as shouting online.


    Ageing tart.

    PS Ageing because because I’m not getting any younger and tart because I’m still young enough to have fun.

    1. leitchgizmo

      As i am lead to beleive or even thru what the media has said, Gamus mother was not defrauding the benefit system, as of all accounts she is entitled to the benefits she received under any other circumstances but it was against her visa rgulations so this isnt about her being a benefits cheat, this is about her visa and nothing else, people need to realise that….and going a bit further and beyond gamu and her family, it just reminds me of how pathetic it is that someone not from the european union or europe in general dont have the same rights to try and enter this country and make a better life for themselves

  17. mi4

    I am definitely not saying “singing at 40 is wrong”, I am saying an 18 year old girl is definitely not suited for songs like that, simply because it does not suit them. If you’re 40 it wouldn’t suit you to sing “Twinkle twinkle little star”. Nothing to do with ageism or sexism. Hope you get it this time.

    1. Ageing tart

      There is nothing wrong with a trainee wanabe singer learning by tried and tested routes. You also have to bear in mind that the majority of contestants going in for competitions like this are 95% just out of school, and with the successive Governmental extension of the age of youth to 25 this means that they are still considered as part of the educational programmes or youth training schemes.

      The only disadvantage all the contestants have with the X factor programme is having to do a crash course of vocal training in three months during which the heats also take place.

      This does mean singing music that is what you would call dated simply because the music of the past was written for singers. Not only were they written for singers they are standards many classed as classical standards.

      The oddest thing here is that some contestants who want to stand out at auditions select dated songs. Katie who I’m not fond of chose a song by Charlie Chaplin, she chose this because she obviously feels that she can add her own particular sound to it. A pity she didn’t pull it off as we might have enjoyed it.

      Todays music is largely done technically in a studio using a computerised writing package. It does not consider the type of voice a person has because it is technical, it has no feelings or concepts of the quality of voice the individual has.

      Many of the technically produced songs are not even composed by someone who understands music. Pardon me but the word composed must sound a bit dated as well.

      This is sad news for songwriters/composers and arrangers. At least in the times of Burt Bacharach, Jim Steinmen, Don Black, Carole king, Dianne Warren  they wrote for the voice like so many of their generation.

      Also when I listen to todays chart, I am listening for a) distinctive sound quality of an artist not how much autocue and other enhancements or technical additions have been added. Although if an artist is so dire these enhancements cover it up.

      b)I do listen for what I’d consider an outstanding voice but have to admit this is very far and few between.  

      c) I also watch the video to note whether that person has real entertainment value and instead what we get are sexually orientated dance routines from the girls and from the men folk it seems to have this ganster look about it, clear cut street sound and dance.

      I bet if you googled electronic drum beats and chordal examples you’d find thousands at least, in one go.

      As a singer, irrespective of being classically taught myself with two professional courses from 1980 – 1984, using electronic music to this degree was unheard of and unacceptable. We had to learn how to write a song using a proper understanding of the stave, of the voice, of the range of instruments and what groups of instruments would sound best given a page or two of music.

      Some of todays music sounds so technically electronic its really has a tinny sound to it, it is also all beginning to sound the same. Samey is a reasonable critique given many critics of todays chart sounds. But this could never have been said of the 1980’s 1970’s the 1960’s 1950’s the later being the decade the charts began.


      Ageing tart

  18. mi4

    Forgot to mention that it is better to leave politics aside, cause it is a huge field and debate. What you mentionned aboved is out of character. Please leave Cameron and Clegg and whoever their names aside. Let’s not mix up things! Gamu is now out of the picture! (x factor wise) All we’ve heard all this week is gamu gamu gamu gamu I am sick of it. Media should be overlooking on more serious matter such as NHS, education, war, homelessness etc etc… Make us alert of real situations and educate us. Not for you to tell Maureen but professionnels, politicians, medics… Much appreciated…

    1. Ageing tart

      I agree with you that the media should be reporting on more serious matters even if it is warped in a political direction at least the readers would adjust what they read to define the truth behind the headlines, to fit in with what they personally believe.

      I remember all to well, when Madonna featured in the news pages nearly every day way back in the 80’s, and like many regional artists was fed up with it. In the 90’s, we were plagued by Posh and Becks, so much so I thought they’d bought into a newspaper and were about to change its name to, “The Posh and Becks Gazette”. Now we are about to see the closing of the first decade into the new milennium and it is reality tv talent shows which have grabbed all the headlines.

      Whether the press is good, bad or indifferent, it still serves a purpose for the X factor programmers, and that is it keeps the viewers in the loop of the programme and is a serious attempt to encourage you to vote and add to the financial standing of the programme.

      Oddly enough the personal politics of whether a singer is a singer, a musician is a musician or whether a song writer is a song writer also comes into play. Entertainers do not come free of politics. In fact it is loaded for one simple reason in that to be such, even in a regional capacity, we have chosen to live lives which do not fit into the 9 – 5 regime for a large part of our lives.

      A completely checkered work history and a checkered music engagement history is the norm with spells if unemployment in between unless you get lucky.

      In other words what an entertainer, musician, singer or songwriter regards as their work has no fixed time upon it. To those otherwise engaged in shifts or 9 – 5, entertainers are not seen as workers.

      Its like the world of work and the world of entertainment are seperate.

      Artists irrespective of their Genre are also seen in many instances as out of this world and that is meant in a derogatory way, selfish, arrogant, insane, fancies themselves, narcissistical. All of which is totally unfair and all because we do something that we either a enjoy or have qualifications in at a level that says we are good, whilst others have to “content themselves” with work shifts or 9 – 5.

      It is because of this that many artists today to survive in the regions have to straddle both worlds, the world of work and the regional entertainment scene whatever that happens to be.

      When an artist (in the loosest of meanings, actor, dancer, singer etc) who has made it, (commercially successful) is seen as political it tends to be on subjects which are of the environment, animal welfare, nuclear disarment, Save the Whale or that other old scapegoat, religion. Political subjects totally removed from their own experiences of being a statistic whilst unemployed or of their struggles to success. 

      As a professional classical singer, a singing teacher and a Music industry Mentor. I have always seen the broader picture.


      Ageing tart


  19. Robbi

    Well mi4,

    All I can say is the X Factor Producers have certainly went to town this year in hyping up attention for this year’s show to an unprecidented level !!

    At the end of the day it’s all about TV Ratings and I bet anything that tonight’s viewing figures will probably be the largest ever for the first “Live” Finals show.

    Incidentally, being current is not just about someones age, it’s about how someone interprets a song & the way they sing it (i.e. their version of the song).

    I may be 50 but I truely consider myself to be current when it comes to singing, as I try to keep up to date with current music trends & chart hits. 

    I’ll sing anything from 80’s stuff, right up to date & when I do sing older songs from say the 80’s or 90’s, I try to sing them in a more current way (i.e. my version)- I think that’s what’s meant, by trying to stand out & be unique πŸ™‚

    Just a pity I started singing so late in life, in my late 30’s, early 40’s as the emphasis by TV producers in particular over the last 10 years or so has been to find young up & coming talent, however as we’ve seen that does not always work, as far as finding future “stars” with longevity.

    For example, what has happened to Shayne Ward & Leon Jackson ??

    Opportunites these days for the “older” singer are very few and far between as Maureen pointed out, as the days of the genuine talent scout, scouring the country for talent have long gone.

    What really annoys me is seeing so many very good young X Factor auditionees getting so upset at being rejected, to the extent that they feel it’s “the end of the world”- all I can say to them is get a life, move on & try harder next time if it’s really what they want to do as a career. After all they still have their whole life in front of them & will have plenty of years ahead to search for the dream.

    X Factor is not the main route to success in the Music Business. Just look at the current charts which is full of talent that has made it big, doing it the hard way with pure hard graft ! 

    IMHO, it should not matter how old you are, if you have the talent, potential “star quality” & get that very, very lucky break in the Music Industry !!

    1. Ageing tart

      Hello Robbi,

      I think you have made some excellent points here and I agree with them in their entirety.

      As a professional person I can tell you the X factor isn’t the only road to success.

      I can tell you that success also means different things to different people.

      For many regional singers success can mean successfully getting a role in a theatre production, or passing an agents showcase requirements to work in the region, it can mean landing a big solo role in front of a large choir. Or it could mean working for 20 years as a freelance singer songwriter.

      For others the only thing they see  as success is their name in lights and the big stadiums and arenas with mega sized pa systems pumping out untold decibels of sound.

      Success can also mean signing on the dotted line for that msot illusive of goalposts the recording contract.


      Ageing tart


    2. Gerard McGarry

      Robbi – I thought your point about people crying because they’d lost their “only opportunity” was spot on. After years of listening to auditionees on our forum talk about X Factor rejection like it was a death sentence, I could tell that many of them never really try to be heard outside of televised competitions.

      As Maureen says, it’s not the only way to get your music heard. People need to realise that and get working on the other opportunities that are out there.

  20. Ageing tart

    I really wish wanabe singers who are just about leaving school or Uni courses would give their regions a chance.

    They should try to see the bigger picture engage in as many things musical their regions have to offer.

    Even Karaoke singers should look further into what the region has. There are musical societies and choirs crying out for members, but each year falling figures of memberships, means that a smaller amount of arts funding is given and if the business community fails to meet the shortfall, many good and in some cases semi professional concerns will fold.

    Instead wanabe artists are pandering to the rose tinted lense dream rather than a strong reality,  that experience can provide the means to achieving small goals towards success.


    Ageing tart

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Well, I believe that’s because they’re not truly passionate about singing or music. They’re only in it for the fame. I have no time for people like that, because they have nothing interesting to say.

      1. Ageing tart

        Just been out listening to a band tonight, they were good unknown unsigned. But in my eyes they are doing the right thing gigs gigs and more gigs all of which adds to their experience.

        I also think it means that if they ever made it as the next McFly or the next indie band to become known than they will have worked their little cotton socks off for any success that is coming.

        I do think its probably the biggest critique that can be squarely laid at the door of the X factor that they don’t support or encourage acts to come forward who are deserving .

        Also I to find it annoying when a less than 20 something says things like ” well its my life’s ambition to do this, and when they aren’t selected all the tears start”. I often wish it was possible to be heard through the tv screen, “Why not go and get yourself some gigging experience, go on build up a repertoire, sorry but is this your party peice, can’t you do anything else?”

        I mean we haven’t heard a full audition peice from any of them just part of a song and chorus. Hardly conducive to becoming an established artist.

        AGeing tart

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