X Factor- Is It Falling Apart?

X Factor has been under much controversy since it began back in August. With the judges under high scrutiny and the ratings getting lower will this series flop and will they do another series?

It was always a risk changing the panel so much but back in August the first episode went really well and the Internet was buzzing about the ‘great panel’. Gary Barlow became a sex bomb and the viewers loved him. Kelly was the funny American girl who gave brilliant comments and was sweet to the contestants. Tulisa was young and hip and a breath of fresh air and finally Louis was Louis but seemed fresh and new, clicking with the new panel.

A few months later and it has all changed. The public still love Gary but he often can be very critical and rude to the contestants. Tulisa has come under scrutiny after all her groups apart from 2 shoes, but they went out first, were all formed from rejected solo singers. She has come over as getting very attached to her contestants and can get very emotional. Last Saturday we saw her complain that Mischa had been bulling her groups. Whether or not Mischa is a bully (everyone has different thoughts) it did seem very controversial to say it live on air and as if she was game playing. Now her and Kelly aren’t speaking which has caused even more trouble.

Kelly has come under much scrutiny this series too, starting with her choice of contestants going through to the live shows. She didn’t choose early favourite Jade and chose quiet Sophie instead. Then she went on to eliminate Amelia who had a brilliant voice. Kelly has come under fire with her comments to Louis as well telling him not to say ‘swagger’ and criticizing his acts. Now after the falling out with Tulisa she went disappearing off and there was a lot of talk in the media that she had run off to LA. Now today the X factor have announced she is ill and can’t come back from LA for the shows this weekend. The Internet is buzzing with disbelief and everyone believes that she is likely not to be ill. Whether she will return to the show is now on everyone’s lips.

Louis has been part of controversy from the start too when he got rid of favourites Terry and Sammi for Goldie who would have been just a joke act. There was up roar and when she finally quit it was a good thing really as Sammi came back. However he has spent more time on slightly crazy Kitty and Johnny and last week Sammi left and seemed annoyed with Louis for giving her rubbish song choices. He has also been rowing with the other judges and there have been rumours he will be given the sack next year.

The contestants have all been under controversy this year too with Frankie acting like he is a rock star and his own judge Gary has said he wished he never picked him. Kitty is always in the paper and she just doesn’t click with the public. The groups have also been under controversy with Rhythmic having to change their name to little mix after having the same name as a charity. Also The Risk is now under controversy too as one band member has decided to leave. Now he is being replaced with a member of axed group Nu Vube which doesn’t really seem fair.

I really enjoyed last series and it was definitely one of my favourites with popular acts such as Matt, Rebecca, Aiden, One Direction and Cher. This year it seems now it is falling apart and even good singers such as Janet and Craig can’t save it.

One word: Simon Cowell. We have to admit it’s not the same without him and it does feel he is letting ours go down the pan for the American version. Give it a couple of weeks and I’m betting he will be a guest judge on the show if things get worse…



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