X Factor: Katie Waissel’s fake father encourages you to vote for her… or else!

If you’re a Twitter freak like me, you’ll know that one of the best things about watching TV is following along some of the cruel, insightful and downright funny things people say about shows when they’re on. The pinnacle of this is the fake account – where someone pretends to be a celebrity, but says things the real person would never dream of saying.

On to X Factor and one of the new stream of hilarious fake accounts – from a guy pretending to be Katie Waissel’s father @DaddyWaissel. Daddy Waissel has decided to address the nation to implore us to vote for his straw-haired daughter, lest her rage at being voted off result in more serious cuts than any the government has inflicted on us.

Hope you enjoy! And obviously vote for Katie next weekend or she will kill you!!! 

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