X Factor Movie Week: Danyl Johnson sings Purple Rain

The person everyone loves to hate. God love the little fellow. After Dannigate there was Hiltergate but can he recover? He is singing a classic from the purple prince but it could go wrong. I love this song and I hope he doesn’t murder it.

At least he is in tune this week and has a new hairdo. I wonder will there be Beckham like headlines about it tomorrow. A very good effort all the same but I suspect there will be one or two karaoke comments. He has a great voice but he is hard to like because he knows he is good. As I was reading today the Americans would love him.

Louis: very few people could do a Prince song justice and he did. Judging on vocal ability he has it all and he will be in the final.

Danni: loves the new look and a very strong performance. Needs to really use his very good voice, stop screaming.

Cherly: has lost the cocky attitude and is somewhere between that and the broken man of last week. Loves the hair.

Simon: an oustanding vocal – a broken man who has got his confidence back. Should be very proud of him.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    For me, Danyl was a bit of a flop tonight. The whole performance was overdone and none of it really hit home. Too much screaming, as Dannii said, made the whole thing a bit of a noisefest. Listen to the original, or even Ruth Lorenzo from last year and you’ll hear a 10x better performance. Simon should have given him a more realistic comment on his singing.

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