X Factor Movie Week: Jamie Archer sings Crying

Jamie Afro, what can I say, ditch the scarf tied to your belt. It is perhaps the most pathetic attempt to look like a rocker. He has changed his song again and Louis is complaining about rule changes. I don’t know this song but thank God no scarf tied this trousers – a step in the right direction. Not a bad start and I know the song now. He is good but he should sing the Kings of Leon every week and he would be OK.

He is good singer and I don’t get Louis’s gripe about him being a pub singer, he is good and has a strong voice.

Louis: glad he has dropped all the silly rock stuff and a very emotional performance. Claims Simon is cheating again and embarks on an interesting debate about movies. Not about the film, it is about the song.

Danni: emotional and heart felt performance. Not the pub rocker and that is what they want to see.

Cherly: Simon did you well by changing the song. The song suited him beautifully. Unchained Melody would have been cheesy.

Simon: claims Cherly is irrelevant!! His best performance so far.

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