X Factor Movie Week: Joe Mcelderry sings Circle of Life

I find this fellow rather boring and nondescript. This seems to be my default position for all the contestants. Only Leona gave me goose bumps but Joe does have an amazing voice. He is heir apparent to Stephen Gately and he will no doubt have a great career in the West End.

Louis: one of the best singers in the contest. Looking for a pop star (but when is he not).

Danni: best male vocalist in the competition. Didn’t like the production on the song and detracted from his performance.

Simon: perfect song for him. Stop the stage school swain (?). He is commerical and knows who he is and he should enjoy this.

Cheryl: anounces she has a long lost little brother. She really likes him.

All hell breaks out between Dermot and Louis – I hope they don’t fall out.

Bye bye everyone, you will never hear from St Gordie again but it has been fun. But if you liked it and want more look out for my own website which is coming soon www.iknowwherealexburkehadabath.com

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Funny, I was saying on Unreality TV tonight that I got a Gareth Gates vibe from Joe. Without the stammer, obviously. He’s got a great voice, but the permasmile kind of puts me on edge.

    And St Gordie, please please come back next week and give us your thoughts on X Factor – you’ve done such a brilliant job tonight!

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