X Factor Movie Week: John and Edward Grimes sing Ghostbusters

The world’s greatest act? They are like pork stratchings, you know they are bad for you but you just can’t get enough of the wee hairy buggers. Everytime I see them all I can think about is Something About Mary.

I had a picture disc of Ghostbusters the first time round so Jedward don’t ruin it. Sweet jaysus this is mental but I love it. That is actually their best performance and I think they will win the entire thing.

Danni: no idea and nothing constructive to say. You either talk or rap but she loves watching them but can imagine listening to them on the radio (we know you said that last week).

Cheryl: kids love you and you are fun.

Simon: being picky again about not being to sing but thought it was a good song. This was sort of good. Simon loves them (not quite). Average age of one and half and more entertaining than some of the karaoke stuff earlier.

Loius:  you are two guys who are all about fun who cut through all the doom and gloom.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Yeah, I was very much the same as you – wanted to hate it, but after an entire evening of drivel performances, a bit of light entertainment made a huge difference. Kick Lloyd out this week and we can talk about the twins next week!

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