X Factor Movie Week: Lloyd Daniels sings Stand By Me

The teens’ favourite. Don’t see it personally but I am neither a teen or a girl, so I suppose what ever floats your boat. Good to hear the throat is better but he is too young and emotionally retarded to sing a song like that. It sounds a bit weird, especially with that very tacky and pusedo reggae backing track. I think Lloyd will be facing the public vote this week as that was pretty poor.

Louis: thinks it was better than last week but he feels he is out of his depth and there are better guy singers in the competition.

Danni: song was good for Lloyd as his vocal range can’t go higher. A nice performance.

Simon: nice like having tea with his mum. He is out of his depth and he is competing with some big singers. Felt the second half of the song went young??

Cherly: most comfortable vocal so far but took a knock last week. Didn’t want to make him cheesy!!!!

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Lloyd is the kind of act you skip out to make a cup of tea while he’s performing. Pretty but dull sums it up. His singing is irrelevant because he totally lacks star quality.

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