X Factor Movie Week: Lucie Jones sings This is Me

There is no real stand out act tonight so hopes are high fof Lucie. Can she maintain the standards of last week but I really don’t get her at all. She is extremely dull but she is very young and I guess she doesn’t really know who she is. She says she is going to tell everyone who she is tonight – go girl.

She has a consistently good voice but is it really bland. A bit like the OC, on paper all the elements are there but in reality it is boring and irrelevant. I think she might be in danger this week. The young girl teen market may turn on her in favour of one of the boys.

Louis: fantastic song choice and she looked like a pop star. The last girl standing in this competition.

Cherly: didn’t know the song (like everyone else) but she needs to loosen up but she has found her niche. Made the song her own.

Simon: first time she has been relevant and she looked comfortable. Agreed with Louis and she is the strongest girl in the competition

Danni: Not the only person who loves Lucie. Danni up to her usual stirring

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Yeah, I can see this working from a Disney point of view. Or a British Disney point of view. I thought she was far more lively onstage than Stacey Solomon, but I can see where you’re getting the ‘bland’ from. Unfortunately this year’s show is varying degrees of blandness.

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve really lost faith in this show, having always thought that Simon was a good judge of talent, and mostly in the past almost agreed with what he says, I find tonight that this show is definetely NOT a singing contest, Simon has harped on about it being a singing contest, but at the first opportunity to get rid of those ‘Painfull twins’ he bugs out, what a Hypocryte! If this was about singing talent at all Lucie jones would be still there, ok, Lloyd might not be? But I’m damned sure those twins wouldn’t be there, they are turning this competition into an absolute farce, and guess what? Simon just got onto their team bus! This is more resembling the Houses of Parliament, than a singing contest with Simon voting to keep the twins in, it was political off course, Lucie Jones was more of a threat to any of his remaining three acts than the twins, it’s called tactical voting.

    Nice to see Danyl back on track, it amazes me that following his truly outstanding performance in his debut audition, that with the paperazi digging into his life, that they can in a matter of weeks, reduce what I believe to be an outstanding, natural performer, to a broken man, the power of the press eh!

    I used to like this show, but with all the judges bickering and sniping, I feel for the contentants, who instead of listening to constructive critique, end up having to stand embarassingly by, whilst the judges spout some of their rubbish, this years X’factor has turned into a complete farce!!!!

    1. Talented

      This is just business guys. Chief judge is uncaring of real talent. He has the fox’s cunning to smell money. Just wants to keep his acts in plus the twins too. He is seeing their market value and not their talent.

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