X Factor Movie Week: Olly Murs sings Twist and Shout

Phew that was hard work, thank God Alexandra was here with me (in poster form at least) to help me through. Olly is up now and I really do not understand what his hair is trying to achieve. Go bald son and let you inner slap head out.

Twist and shout, another Beatles staple andr lets hope he keeps his shirt on. A good performance but nothing special and after a few pints most people can make a reasonable effort at this one. What do the judges think? 

Louis: liked last week’s performance and says everyone likes him. Louis didn’t like the silly dancing and the silly song (prefers his performers to be seated on stools).

Danni: wonders why he went into Michael Jackson’s Thriller routine.

Cheryl: singing a lot of retro songs and she wants to hear him sing newer songs. The crowd goes bug-a-loo and drowns her out.

Simon: thinks the other judges are being mean and it is supposed to be ENTER-TAIN-MENT.  

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Sadly, it seems that Olly’s was one of the best performance of the night. The thing is, it didn’t place him as a viable pop artist. People keep forgetting that – this competition is for a record deal, and I’m not sure Olly convinces me as a recording artist.

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