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So, these themes they have each week to prove the contestants versatility – they’re all pop songs pretty much aren’t they? George Michael this week, the diva songs etc – why don’t they keep to a genre, ie. the big band week, rock week and include country and western, r’n’b, reggae, show tunes and so on – that’d sort them out, wouldn’t it? I’m watching these backwards, by the way, in case you’re wondering.

Joe does the Elton written, almost film theme, showtune which is wonderfully done; the sun won’t go down on him tonight; Olly does groovy George, Fast Love and its another whole performance by the most improved of all. Danyl gets the definitive George, Careless Whisper – it’s my favourite performance by him, and his most understated. Dannii agrees it’s perfect; Louis says he’s trying too hard and Cheryl says it’s flat. Can someone tell them it’s not about them, please! Jedward the only ones to do an actual Wham song, obviously, I’m Your Man mixed with Wham Rap. Simon’s face when they start the rap – ROTFLMAO. Stacey’s best for me so far, found myself disappointed on other weeks, but her body language and facial expressions when she stops singing I still find so off-putting. But she’s got the whole of Essex voting for her, so she’ll be ok. Lloyd sings Faith, not bad, but not good enough. What was that note at the end? Was he supposed to do that? Oh.

I enjoyed them all tonight, must have been the enforced break!

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Hi Jaye – we totally missed X Factor last night due to a rare night away from the telly! Well, I say missed…

    The truth is, I’m getting a little bit bored of the acts this year. There’s too much hype to mask the fact that the contestants aren’t actually that good. Even the good singers have other problems that I don’t equate with million-selling pop artists.

    And I feel really curmudgeonly and grumpy saying that, but it’s a fact. Joe is a good singer, but a personality vacuum, Danyl is capable of great performance, but seems crippled by the slightest criticism. Jedward are a train wreck, Lloyd is a complete bafflement since he doesn’t seem to have a fraction of the talent required to be a pop star.

    Olly is a cheesemeister, plain and simple. And Stacey is a bargain bin clone of Leona, but with faulty speech circuitry. I love her, I really do, but she comes across as a complete div in interviews that I despair for her as an actual popstar.

  2. Philip Palmer

    Last year Alexandra Burke blossomed in the last few episodes..from being good to being genuinely great (better than Cheryl.)  Will the same happen to Danyl? They’ve been deliberately cramping his style, so the transformation will be all the greater.  That’s my theory…

    Joe’s v. talented too.

  3. Jaye

    Totally agree with you G – spot on with your assessment of them all, none of them destined for greatness. On the other hand, TreyC and Dominic I think would have carved themselves a deserved niche on the R&B scene. I know, I know, I keep harking back to them! Just so disappointed that we didn’t have the chance to see them do more!

    This is the first week for a while I’ve made the effort to watch them back cos I’d been underwhelmed at the better singers going – what’s the betting it happens tonight too!

    1. Gerard McGarry

      You know, over on Unreality TV, we’re suggesting people vote for the worst – aka Jedward – since there’s really nothing else voting for right now. Such a shame they decided to have an underwhelming X Factor this year.

  4. Jaye

    so all votes for Lloyd now then? ;-D

    I did actually throw a vote Danyl’s way this week, decided last moment following the group song!

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