X-Factor. Or, why do they try to ruin them in the live shows?

First of all, I have to tell you I haven’t watched them in order – ITV have not repeated the live show today (Sunday) like they did all the other shows, so I’ve watched on youtube. I was tempted to write a letter of complaint about the shoddy treatment of BBC licence paying Strictly viewers unable to catch up properly the next day, before I remembered that, actually, I have a life …

So it was Lucie I saw first – she has her own gorgeous voice, so why make her impersonate Leona? What was the point of that? If I hear about the little village once more I’m going to throw up. And turn that damn wind machine off. Too good to be wasted with the wrong song.

John and Edward, or Jodward, or The Brothers Grim, if they’re going to stay a while, are fantastic, if you turn down the sound and turn off your telly. Totally out of their depth, just a flashy school production.

Joe. Lovely young man, loved it. Excellent. No regrets.

Danyl singing a ‘woman’s song’ – I think you’ll find most songs are pretty unisex or can be easily changed (remember Maria and Beautiful?) Stage presence, great vocal, got ‘it’ in buckets. You see Dannii, that’s precisely why I don’t read the newspapers – excepting the Daily Scatter of course – the only one worth the paper it’s not printed on 😉 Made that song his own. Not cocky – we want to see the confident showman we saw at the first audition, not a watered down version. He’s pretty overwhelmed and it doesn’t help that the other judges are so terrified he’s going to kick all their butts, they’re undermining him. Not cricket, not cricket at all!

Jamie, and the opposite end of Simon’s spectrum – seems to be playing safe  – until he livened up *amen* Good to see he’s still very much Jamie. Strong vocal, great performance. Judges Homes showed his versatility.

Lloyd is not as bad as I was expecting – choreography not comfortable to watch – young boy fighting off older women? Not really strong enough vocally or as a presence, to pull off that song but still, who cares about the singing, the girls will love him *rolls eyes*

Miss Frank getting it on alright – great song, great look, different. Well done – and resisiting the urge to rap every song a good move, might become tiresome.

Stacey – unusual choice of a Coldplay song, bit too high for her and she still can’t believe she’s there. So likeable, but they could have glammed her up a bit more. Applaud that they didn’t just go for a diva song though.

Rikki  – what is he wearing? Some moments of sweet vocal in the Amy Winehouse song, some I can barely hear though. Nice enough but not a huge presence.

Kandy Rain, pretty predictable song choice and look, good vocals though. Going for the mens vote – strangely, I agree with Cheryl and Dannii – but also with Simon!

Olly, nice guy, bit shaky, didn’t really do anything for me, if I’m honest.

Rachel completely stitched up, jeez Dannii – what’s with making her look like a bad relic from the 80’s? (There are good relics, honestly) needed a much better song to show off her stunning vocal – she did amazingly well given that.

Come to think of it – had the “stylists” had a bet to see who could get away with the worst look of the night?  Maybe I will write that letter …


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  1. Lisa McGarry

    The stylsts were sooooo off their game last night. Gok Wan was on Xtra Factor and even though he is pals with Fay, the XF stylists, he admited that she had gotten it wrong with Kandy Rain.

    Strangely I think Kandy Rain looked amazing compared to Rikki though.

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