The X Factor journey came to an end for both Katie Waissel and Wagner as both acts failed to make it to the semi-finals of this year’s competition.

Katie received the fewest votes and Wagner was beaten comprehensibly by Mary Byrne in the sing-off.

Mary now joins Rebecca Ferguson, Matt Cardle, Cher Lloyd and One Direction in what should be a cracking semi-final.

It’s fair to say that both Katie and Wagner received a lot of attention from the press and they were at times at the centre of controversial issues. But both acts battled on bravely and I’m sure we have not seen the last of them.

Here are my thoughts on the weekend’s performances. My prediction as to who will win this years competition may just surprise you.  

Wagner: Creep and Addicted To Love

Rock week in my view was definitely Wagner’s best week and he certainly showed us in his first song that he can sing!

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how well Wagner sang his first song ‘Creep’ and for once he got some positive comments from the judges based on his singing. Even Dannii Minogue admitted that it was the best he had sung and that he actually connected with the lyrics.

Perhaps he was able to put in a better performance since he had no dancers. His second performance (Addicted To Love) was not as good as the first one and maybe this time round he was distracted by the dancers.

I would agree with Cheryl Cole’s comments about Rock week being the week where Wagner enjoyed himself the most. It was by far his best week even though he was voted off by the judges on Sunday.

As we all know, Wagner was not the best singer but what he did do was entertain. His mentor Louis Walsh felt it was time for him to go but he also added that Wagner was a brilliant artist to work with.

One Direction: Summer of 69 and You Are So Beautiful

One Direction put in two stunning performances and they are for sure in with a shout of winning the whole competition. Could this year be the year where a group wins The X Factor? Potentially Yes.

We saw two different sides to One Direction in Rock week. The vocals for both songs were terrific but I particularly enjoyed their second performance (You Are So Beautiful). Beautiful song and beautifully delivered by the boys. As Dannii rightly said there was only one word you could describe One Direction’s performances, ‘Stunning.’

You have to remember that the boys only got together at Boot Camp and from there they have improved significantly. They look the part and without doubt One Direction have got a bright future ahead of them. A young Westlife in the making? I think so.

I personally feel that One Direction will make the final and have got a real chance of winning The X Factor this year.

Mary Byrne: All I Want Is You and Brass In Pocket

I have to be honest I did not expect Mary to be in the Top 5 at the beginning of the live shows but she has totally proved me wrong and fair play to her.

She has had one or two off weeks but whenever she has had a bad week, Mary has always bounced back and Saturday was no different. Her first song ‘All I Want Is You’ got great feedback from the judges. This was a perfect song choice and credit to Mr. Louis Walsh.

Dannii did say that her second performance was vocally heading towards karaoke but I did not see anything wrong with Mary’s version of Brass In Pocket. The Irish singer has such a powerful voice and she certainly put her heart and soul into both songs.

Mary ended up in the bottom three on Sunday and faced Wagner in the sing-off. She sang unbelievably well and deserved her place in the semi-final. 

For me, Mary is now the dark horse of the remaining acts left in the competition and she could surprise us all by reaching the final. Regardless of whether she makes the final or not, Mary can be very proud of what she has achieved during her time on The X Factor.

Cher Lloyd: Girlfriend and Walk This Way

Based on what I saw during the Saturday live show, Rock week definitely belonged to Cher Lloyd.

The 17 year-old bounced back emphatically after being in the bottom two the previous week and boy o boy did she deliver two superb performances. Her first song ‘Girlfriend’ was right on the money and as Cheryl said she ‘absolutely smashed it!’

Cher’s second song was even better and she put in yet another excellent performance. The Malvern star may not be everyone’s cup of tea but her mentor says that Cher is ‘her cup of tea with two sugars.’ It was vital that Cher bounced back and she did it in style so well done to her.

Two brilliant performances from Cher and she could not have asked for a better night. One other point I would like to make is the jeers Cher received from small sections of the audience after being told she was guaranteed a place in the next round.

To be honest I cannot put my finger on why she was booed and I also feel that the booing was uncalled for. Cher was one of the best performers on Saturday and yet she got booed on Sunday. I did find it disrespectful and I hope Cher proves the doubters wrong next weekend.

Rebecca Ferguson: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

The glamourous Liverpudlian singer had yet another decent weekend. For the first time, we saw the nerves start to creep into Rebecca’s performance last week.

Simon Cowell did say that there were some parts of Rebecca’s first song in Rock week that were stiff but there is no denying that she has the most beautiful distinctive voice in the competition. I would go further than that and say she has the best voice in this years series.

Her first performance may not have been her best, but Rebecca reminded us why she is one of the best if not thee best singer of this years X Factor in her second performance. It was great to see her doing something more up tempo and yet again you have to give Cheryl credit for her song choices.

I don’t think Rebecca realises how good a singer she is and the Liverpool star is a world class act. I have predicted Rebecca to win and I believe she can take this year’s crown.

Matt Cardle: I Love Rock N’ Roll and Nights in White Satin

Matt has continued to go from strength to strength and Rock week proved to be another week where things could not have gone any better.

As Louis said he is the most ‘consistent performer in the competition’. Both of his performances were incredible and I think he will reach the final. I will be amazed if he does not.

His first song ‘I Love Rock N’ Roll’ was excellent and he topped it with another top class performance in his second song ‘Nights in White Satin.’ Matt managed to turn his second song into something more contemporary and as Simon rightly said it was ‘absolutely genius.’

The Essex lad could not have sung any better and he thoroughly deserves to be in the final. Without question, Matt and Rebecca are the best two singers in the competition and I’m hoping that both of them reach the final.

Katie Waissel: Sex On Fire and Everybody Hurts

Katie Waissel has had her critics during her time on The X Factor but I feel that she has been harshly treated and that she does have decent voice.

You could see in her first song (Sex On Fire) that she was trying and was putting a lot of effort into it. Dannii did say that her first performance was frantic and that Katie was trying too much with it. But then again the Aussie judge did say that her second song was much better.

Katie’s second song in my view was one of her best performances even though Simon did say that the song could have been longer. Nonetheless I totally agree with Cheryl about Katie filling in the time beautifully during her second performance.

If given the right song, Katie has proven that she is capable of putting in brilliant performances and there have been times where she has sung really well. So she is not exactly a one trick pony.

I did think this was the week that we would be seeing Katie leave the competition. However Katie does have a future within the music industry and I’m sure she will go onto bigger and better things. Good luck to her.

Bring on the semi-final! It’s going to be a cracker!

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I find myself looking at the line-up that’s left and not seeing a single act I care about. Katie squandered her chances with her fame-whoring, attention-seeking ways. If she’d come across as more real and not media trained to within an inch of her life, she’d have got much further. I loved her voice and she could have done incredibly well if her personality hadn’t killed it for her. Unless she tries her hand at being a television presenter now, she’s got no hope of a career in the UK.

    The thing with X Factor is, it’s easier to slate it that to praise it. If you take the talent part out of the equation, it delivers plenty of excitement and drama – especially on the Xtra Factor, which is often better than the main show!

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