X Factor: Simon sends Rikki Loney home

I’ve been quite hard on [[Rikki Loney]] since he got through to the final 12 on [[The X Factor 2009|X Factor]] this year.

As a long-term reality TV watcher, you develop good instincts for what will work and what won’t work on a show like X Factor. My first instinct on Rikki was that he was filler material, a third rate singer drafted in to make up the numbers and possibly make the other singers look even better by comparison.

I know that sounds quite harsh, but even in his category (under 25 males), Rikki was bottom. [[Joe McElderry]] had the looks and the talent, while [[Lloyd Daniels]] might not have the stage presence, he’ll get the teenage girl’s vote. So that left Rikki and his fetish for ugly hats, and his less-than-exciting performances. Sorry folks, but it was Leon Jackson all over again.

The sad thing is, Rikki has auditioned loads of times for X Factor. You’d think by now, someone would have told him to stop wasting his time. I’m sure he’s a nice guy, but he was never going to set the charts alight, was he?

On the other hand, Dannii Minogue really needs to up her game with [[Rachel Adedeji]]. Rachel is a unique contestant in this year’s competition, but she’s suffered through song choice and no clear image of who she is as an artist. Like JLS last year, she’s being shoehorned uncomfortably into a mainstream pop act when she needs to be edgy and urban. Why does X Factor try to blandify the acts rather than let their personalities come through?

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