X-Factor: The Judges Homes or, the one where Louis decides to put the Irish lads through, regardless.

Notice how they didn’t show Louis’ rapturous meeting with the groups again … the Overs 25’s are off to Los Angeles where Simon is being helped by Sinitta… what the … *cue helpless laughter* … he’d told her she was meeting them at LA Kew Gardens and she wanted to blend in. No, she turned up as a palm tree to get her own back for him denying her a place in Dancing on Ice, but that’s another exclusive I’ve not written yet … The girls are in Dubai with Dannii and helping out is sister Kylie, can’t get better than that! Cheryl has called on the experience of Pop Idol winner Will Young, to sort out the boys in Morocco, whilst Louis decided to give rainy Dublin a miss this year and took the groups to rainy Italy instead – with Ronan Keating!

Boys up first:

Joe dares to dream and why not – lovely voice, good song, well delivered *why are they whispering – is the house not that big?* Lloyd, better than I heard before, much better; Daniel, worried cos Cheryl not convinced at boot camp, better as he went further up the scale, not a pop voice, but it didn’t do Rhydian any harm did it? Ethan put his own mark on the song, Will and Cheryl not convinced vocally; Duane sang Neyo’s Closer, not his best but they hear a lot more than we do. Rikki has an unusual but effective arrangement of You’ve Got A Friend. Not heard enough really – would like to see Joe and Duane progress … so that’s them out.

The groups:

Project A could be any group of four half decent singers standing there – nothing new; Kandy Rain – don’t care what they do for a living, long as I’m not paying for them – nicely done, still nothing amazing; DeTour – quite looking forward to them but they sounded a bit off there; Harmony Hood strange, strange song choice, Never Can Say Goodbye, should have done better. Ah, they didn’t choose the song themselves … Louis, oh, Louis … Miss Frank sing Respect in their own, raw way – best so far, bundles of their own personality into it, great chemistry, really enjoyed that. Louis’ only real chance I’d  say … what’s the betting they don’t make it through? John and Edward were pleasant enough in a so-so kind of way apart from that Aaaaaargh moment but really *yawn*.

Over 25’s:

The toughest of tough groups. Olly, nice, understated but the song needed that; Treyc has a gorgeous voice, great performance, perfect song, star potential to my mind, effortless, looks the part, oozes class. Daniel is just another good voice I’m afraid, put a lot into it, didn’t stand out for me but Simon likes him;

That competition song they were humming in the ad break sounded like My Cherie Amour to me *must pay proper attention*

Nicole – the girls threaten to nick it from the boys as she comes out fighting again, strong vocal from the heart; It’s make or break for Danyl, singing Falling, working well with the backing singers, let himself go but at the same time sticking to the song. Excellent, different, exciting – not over the top. But he’s marmite, you either love him or hate him. I hate marmite, love him. You sit up and take notice. Jamie already looks like a rock star and proves he can do sensitive. Like I said, tough – really don’t envy Simon right now. Would like to see Treyc and Danyl make it through. Actually, would rather see five of these and just one group.

Just the girls left:

Stacey Solomon sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow, lovely tone – ooh, Kylie agrees! The other Stacey  – well, there’s no doubt she can sing but I don’t know I could listen for a long time; Rachel is my favourite, love her voice *fingers crossed* Despina is disappointed before she even sings?? Wrong attitude, haven’t found her particularly musical from the start, didn’t do it for me; Lucie has a gorgeous voice – just needs to sort that fringe out – hope she makes it through; Nicole has a unusual voice reminiscent of Scott/Badu/Winehouse, shame she cocked it up – can they risk it? I think I’m clear who I’d prefer, just one place between Nicole and Stacey S.

Laters xx

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