X Factor: The Pros and Cons of Jedward

I recently ran a post on Unreality TV discussing the pros and cons of [[Danyl Johnson]]. It’s a fantastic discussion point, so I thought I’d do the same thing on Unreality Shout for [[John and Edward Grimes]] (aka Jedward).

As we all know, Jedward are perhaps the most controversial act on this year’s [[The X Factor 2009|X Factor]]. They’ve faced the accusation that they can’t sing, but they’ve been lauded for their ability to entertain an audience with their energetic stage routines. So, with all that in mind, let’s look at their good and bad points and try to decide whether they deserve to win X Factor this year…


  • Entertaining the kids! Their shiny stage gear, wacky hair and mad routines are – as Louis Walsh repeats like a mantra – all very entertaining for kids. And with rumours of interest from Disney, they might have found their niche.
  • They’ve actually improved: Yep, though it pains me to say it, John and Edward have actually got better in the last few weeks. OK, it’s not perfect, but their version of Queen’s Under Pressure was reasonably good, and their rapping was fun.
  • They work hard: I’ve spoken to some former contestants and they all claim that John and Edward put the most work into their routines. OK, so they probably have the most catching up to do, but their routines require a lot of work.


  • Err…talent. As in “they don’t have any”. Although they may have improved, they can’t actually sing. Their timing is awful, and they have the appearance of a comedy duo rather than a pop act.
  • Record sales: We always ask “Can they sell records?” The honest answer is no. Like similar novelty acts the Cheeky Girls, Chico and Same Difference, they’ll maybe sell a few records as a novelty act, but the public won’t buy into this in the long run. They’ll be another blemish on X Factor’s potted history of producing chart acts.
  • Maturity. This might sound odd, but for two 18 year old guys, Jedward are staggeringly immature. And although the judges frequently describe them as 17 year olds, they’re either simply wrong, or worse still, downplaying the boys’ ages to suit the audience.

Sorry, but I ran out of “pros” for John and Edward. If you’re a fan of the brothers, leave me a comment saying what else you love about them. And if you’re a passionate hater of Jedward, tell us why in the comments.

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  1. Panda

    I vote for John & Edward each week as, if they were no longer in the X Factor there would be nothing to look forward to… It would be the same boring drivel that the X Factor pump out each year!

    John & Edward are very entertaining & such fun, also did you see then singing acapela on sky news? They showed they CAN actually sing!

  2. Jay-D

    The whole thing s a joke, should have gone home after first audition.

    I love the X-factor, but seriously, what the heck are they doing in there, it’s just stupid, nothing else. Can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t anything.

    The only pro I find is their looks: if they were good at snging & dancing, I think they would be great. But no, they can’t so shouldn’t even be there

    Even I can do what they did for Sky News, so COME ON! we’re looking for international stars!

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Lisa feels that Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell will soon be downplaying the brothers’ ability to win. They need to manipulate the public into getting bored of them now so that the ‘chosen few’, Danyl, Stacey and possibly Olly or Joe get through to the finals.

      Over the coming days and weeks you’ll hear Simon reiterating that this is a singing competition, and that they’re looking for the finest talent Britain has to offer “to compete on the world stage”. Louis will continue to insist that Jedward are entertaining, but he’ll ramp up the positive comments for the other acts. Simon will definitely become more pointed in his comments to Danyl and Stacey about how good they are.

      They may even throw a terrible song at the twins so that they sound particularly bad.

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