X Factor Tour 2012 Review!

Last year’s top 9 X Factor contestants made the grand X Factor tour, which goes around the country’s biggest stadiums.  Will any of them go on to have successful careers?

I was lucky enough to get tickets to see the stars perform at the 02 arena on Sunday. After going to the tour last year at Wembley, I was excited to go again after loving the atmosphere and the mix of songs last time. Getting seats in row Q in the first block was again amazing after experiencing row B last year. The series itself was certainly very different with new judges Gary, Tulisa and Kelly making a big impression. The series had lots of controversy including the big Frankie scandal which resulted in an act returning which had never been done before. Also Kelly missed one weekend and one of her acts, Misha B, was accused of being a bully by Tulisa. Louis was the same as always and is the only guarantee to return this summer. So on the tour this year there was:

The Risk: The Risk was a risk maybe not worth taking by Tulisa as they got booted off fairly early. They lost one of their members fairly early on after they said they didn’t feel committed to the band and weren’t really the same again, even after gaining another band member from group Nu Vibe who were booted off in the first week. However, they came out and gave 2 great performances which really got the audience going. I loved their version of ‘She Said’ by Plan B and they actually sounded really good together. I enjoyed their performances but I’m not sure if they will gain enough fans to do really well in the future.

Johnny Robinson: I LOVED Johnny in the X Factor. He was definitely a controversial choice by Louis but he actually did have a good voice. I loved his version of the Darkness song on the live shows which he unfortunately didn’t do on the tour. He sang ‘Can’t get you out of my Head’ by Kylie which got everyone singing along. He also did a song he dedicated to ‘Gary Barlow’ which was amazing and showed off that he can really sing. I think he is a down to earth lovable guy who could do well.

Craig Colton: Craig was one of my initial favourites on the show and I was surprised he went out when he did. I couldn’t believe how much weight he had lost when I saw him last night but he looked good for it. I really enjoyed his two performances last night especially his Christina Perri cover which is amazing. I also enjoyed Set Fire to the Rain and he did two good songs last night. I hope he does well

Janet Devlin: Janet was again one of my initial favourites, especially after she did Areosmith’s classic ‘I don’t want to miss a thing’. I loved her version of ‘Watching you’ and Elvis Presley’s ‘Falling in love with you’. However, I felt she lost her spark after that and last night it felt the same. Her performances were pretty forgettable and I think she could have done better songs. I hope she gets to do music she loves as I think she felt uncomfortable in the show. Her nose ring also shows she might be rebelling….

Kitty: What can you say about Kitty? Her time on the show was very controversial and her performances were always outrageous. After a shaky start, she did gain some fans and managed to finish in the top 9. Her first song saw her attached to a spinning dart board whilst singing ‘Sweet Dreams’. I did enjoy her version and she does put on a good show. She also sang the ‘Edge Of Glory’ which she dramatically sang a couple of lines of when she got booted out and also she met Lady Gaga! Her performance was simply crazy and I think she could have a future in theatre.

Misha B: Misha had a controversial time in the X Factor after an initial strong start. When Tulisa and Louis claimed she was a bit of a bully backstage, the public did turn against her. She was never very likeable, I couldn’t place what it was, but something didn’t click with the public. She sang several songs including the amazing ‘Who You Are’ and also her version of ‘Rolling in the Deep!’ Although I still don’t particularly warm to her, I think she has a stunning voice and put on a good performance.

Amelia Lilly: Amelia was a shock early exit on the X Factor, after leaving in the first week when four contestants had to go. The young  17 year old got voted back in after the Frankie scandal and showed everyone why she shouldn’t have gone in the first week. Ameila was simply amazing and her voice is incredible for her age. I was so impressed with her voice and I loved her Queen Song, The Show Must Go On’ which left me with Goosebumps. It also showed out the strength of her voice. I can’t wait to see her material in the future.

Marcus Collins: I LOVE Marcus and was pleased he did well in the show. He was a worthy runner up and is a sweet guy with a fantastic voice. His performances on Sunday were brilliant and he was definitely the act that got everyone on their feet dancing. I loved ‘Hey Ya’ and also ‘Higher’ and Higher. He was also given the chance to do his new song ‘White Nation Army’ which is really good too and I think he could be another Olly Murs and do really well.

Little Mix: I adore Little Mix. Jesy, Leigh-Anne, Jade and Perri were the shock winners as a band NEVER wins the X Factor. The group who were formed at boot camp are 4 down to earth and easily likeable girls with amazing voices. When they won the show they released Damien Rice’s ‘Cannonball’ which went straight to number 1. On Sunday night, they performed 4 brilliant songs including E.T in which they flew over the audience on swings which was amazing. I also LOVE their en vogue song which is incredible and should have been their winning single. I did notice that Perri definitely has the best voice and sings all the high notes. I think they will do well.

The show was good although it did seem shorter than previous years. I loved Ameila Lilly, Little Mix and Marcus the most as they sang just like they did on the show and could go on to have brilliant careers.


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  1. Simon Williams

    I saw the final show in Cardiff on Good Friday and throughly enjoyed it, even the acts I didn’t expect to like. Amelia Lily stood out for me, but I’m not sure any of them are quite ready to headline a show of their own yet. I saw Matt Cardle about a month ago, he was superb- none of these came even close.

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