X Factor Tour 2013- Nottingham 4th Feb

James Arthur won the ninth series of X Factor back in December and now he and his fellow finalists do the annual live tour around the country. Will they have successful careers in the future?

On the 4th of January, the finalists hit the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham. My seats were brilliant so I was lucky to see all the action. This is the third X Factor tour I have been to and I have to say this was one of the best yet with the best talent. The only thing I was disappointed in really was the timing, we didn’t start till 7.45 and then we had a 25 minute break and then it finished at 9.50 so it was barely on for an hour and a half. Also there weren’t many contestants as previous years. This was beneficial in one way though as it meant more songs of people you actually like. Here’s a look at the acts that were on the tour.

Rylan: The opening of the show was by the recently crowned Celebrity Big Brother winner performing ‘Rylan Style’. I never liked Rylan during the X Factor and was disappointed when he stayed over people like Caroline. However, I grew to like him and during CBB I really wanted him to win. With big cheers, Rylan was definitely the most entertaining performer on the tour and his opening sequence got everyone dancing. He also performed twice more with a Spice Girls Medley and ‘Stop! In the Name of Love’. To be fair to Rylan, his voice sounded much better than it did on the television and he is not a terrible singer as they made out. We really enjoyed his performances especially the Spice Girls Medley. I think that he will have a good future in TV work not in singing though although I could imagine him doing the Eurovision at one point.

Chris Maloney: So I disliked Maloney a lot on the show and reports in the paper didn’t help anyone’s view on the guy so he was the least person I was looking forward to seeing to be honest. However, the audience were very kind to him and I didn’t really hear any boos for him, they were mainly cheers. He did mention twice about his tough journey which I thought might make the audience turn on him. However, to be fair to Maloney, he does have a really good voice. ‘I’m Still Standing’ and ‘All By Myself’ were sang really well and he hit the top notes perfectly. I think that he will have a career perhaps in the West End, I can’t imagine him in the charts.

Ella: The young 16 year old was controversially booted out the competition when she ended up against winner James Arthur in the bottom two. She recently took to the stage at the National TV Awards and sang her bootcamp rendition of ‘Believe’ which blew everyone away. On the tour she sang four songs and each of them were absolutely brilliant. I loved ‘Missed’ which was her original song that she sang at her audition. I hopes she releases it in the future as it’s a lovely tune. I also loved Believe which left the audience with goosebumps and she got huge cheers. I think she will definitely have a huge career in music and could be a worldwide success. I still can’t get over her age also!

Union J: In the battle of the bands, Union J got my vote on the X Factor. I just thought they had that something special over District 3. The girls screams were crazy at the tour when they appeared. I liked their versions of ‘Love Song’ and ‘Call Me Maybe’. They were really good with the crowd and chose a young girl to go on the stage with them which was really sweet. They sang really well and they have the looks to pull in the young girls.  I think they could have a successful career in music and we could see them in the charts.

District 3: The three lads managed to win a lot of fans on the X Factor and they were cheered just as much as Union J at the tour. I couldn’t believe the huge cheers considering where they placed so this could be a positive sign for the future for the guys. They sang their songs quite well especially Beggin’ which got people dancing. I think that they have a fan base which could see them in the charts and their harmonies are really good so good luck to the guys.

Jahmene: The lovely Jahmene just missed out on winning the show after impressing everyone with his truly amazing voice. He also seemed like a lovely, decent guy and I really didn’t mind in the final if it was him or James to win. Jahmene came out and sang his audition tune ‘At Last’ and his vocals were incredible. He also stood out when he sang ‘Let it be’ which would have been his winners song. He got everyone cheering for him and I was very impressed by his vocals. I think he will have a good career in music.

James Arthur: What can I say about James Arthur? He wowed me on the X Factor and also wowed me on the tour (and everyone else by the screaming and crushing of little girls!). He sang his best tunes from the show including ‘Hometown Glory’, ‘Let’s Get It On’ and his hit single ‘Impossible’. His voice is amazing live and when he sang ‘Power of Love’ he left me with Goosebumps. I think that he will definitely have a good career if he brings out an album written by himself and I hope the label don’t try and change him as his style is great as it is. His ‘Impossible‘ has broken all previous X Factor records so this shows he will be popular.

So the tour had really good talent this time, most of them were incredible live and I believe all of them will have successful careers, whether in musicals or in the charts.


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