X Factor USA: Nicole Sherzinger to replace Cheryl Cole?

After months and months of speculation regarding the judging panel for X Factor’s both sides of the pond, with the USA auditions finally under way, we all thought we could finally exhale and get familiar with the set up.  But it would seem that was a mistake.


According to American Entertainment Website, TMZ, our Geordie national sweetheart has been dropped from the American panel, and being replaced with Pussycat Doll, Nicole Sherzinger!


Sherzinger, who was originally selected for host of the show, stood in for Cheryl on the UK X Factor, after the Girls Aloud singer was hospitalised with Malaria, and was a firm favourite here in the UK, so it came as a huge surprise to find out she had been selected to host the American show, rather than judge, but now it would appear she was in under-dog mode!


According to the website, Cole was ‘dropped’ for a number of small issues, making her commitment hard to maintain.  These range from her recording commitments in the UK to her ‘thick’ Geordie accent being a stumbling block most contestants find hard to overcome.


Another report suggests that the pull between her judging role in the USA stretched her too thinly to uphold her judging position in the UK, as rumours have suggested that she would be a panel member on both, but as yet nothing has been confirmed.


Cole’s rep’s have yet to comment on this news, but a source close to the singer has told TMZ that Cheryl is less than happy with the way this has been handled, and is considering severing ties with the X Factor completely.


Cheryl had already filmed a few audition episodes for the USA version of the hit talent show, which are due to be aired in September.


As yet, the rest of the judging panel for the USA, comprising of LA Reid, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and now the Nicole Sherzinger, who recently announced her intention to marry long term boyfriend, British F1 driver, Leis Hamilton, remains as it is for now, but where this leaves the UK panel situation, your guess is as good as mine.

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