X Factor Vote Leak Controversy

It’s been over a week since Aiden was eliminated from the X Factor. His mention of a voting leak on Twitter after his shock departure became relatively big news across tabloids and forums.

I can confirm that the leak was posted by me on X Factor Digital Spy Forums. The news was then messaged by a friend of Aiden’s, to the singer, on twitter. I know this because his friend ended up contacting me, confirming my this.

I will continue to provide voting leaks every week via this blog, and hopefully some backstage gossip too, which my source is always willing to provide. She usually provides the leaks on a Saturday night/Sunday morning so there tend to be some shifts in the voting come Sunday results night.

However, most of her leaks have been very accurate. Here’s how they have looked in the past

Week 1 – Bottom 3: FYD, Katie, John. (She claimed that Nicolo was in the bottom 5)

Week 2 – Bottom 3: Storm, Diva Fever, Belle Amie (100% correct)

Week 3 – John, Belle Amie (50% correct)

Week 4 – Belle Amie, Katie (100% correct)

Week 5 – TreyC, Katie (100% correct)

Week 6 – Bottom 3: Aiden, Katie, Paije (100% correct)

Week 7 – I was not allowed to reveal the figures because I had a deal with the tabloid newspaper, the Sun, to provide them the figures. 

These have been very reliable, bearing in mind that 30-40% of the votes come in on a Sunday night.

However, I will be back this week, with a new leak which will hopefully be proved correct. 

Inside Man

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  1. Ageing tart

    To be honest I think all of us here at unreality shout could state who we feel would be in the bottom three each week and we would probably be 66% correct.

    We would base that on the actual programme.

    Normally sometime after the programme is finished the percentages are published as to who got what percentage of the vote in each week of the heats.

    The show is becoming very predictable which is a shame.

    So advance warning of who is going this week is hardly likely to do anyone any good.

    I’d leave well alone in case your source ends up losing her job.


    Ageing tart.

  2. justME

    I don’t see what all the hoohaa is about a leak of predictability-i reckon that on reality shout we could predict much better than that- because we’re real people, and see the show for what it is, also i think its daft to say that a leak is giving a percentage as to who will be in the bottom votes-when you get to our age , everything looks predictable- the rain, the cold winter – and the xfactor is as predictable as the weather. But then i live in the real world- and i think the leak thing is immature hype. Whats the big deal about it all- seems like a load of nothing talk to me. My opinion of it all is its BORING.

  3. inside_man

    I appreciate all your comments, and the fact that you have read my blog means a lot. However, my source has been correct a lot of the time, and I believe her.

    She also told me last year that Lucie would be in the bottom 2 in week 5, and that Rachel Adedeji came 1st in week 3. She was correct 🙂

  4. Gerard McGarry

    I think the point here guys is that the voting results might not be as confidential as the show claims. If they’re available to somebody in the background, then they may be available to the judges to base deadlock voting patterns on. I’m just speculating here.

    Of course, you’re right to be skeptical at the same time – I’m interested to hear Inside Man’s next prediction anyway!

  5. Ageing tart

    knowing in advance the voting status of each candidate. Apparently Dermot receives a sealed envelope of who has the lowest number of votes at the sing off but not before.

    I’m sceptical on this one Gerard.


    Ageing tart

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