X Factor, week 5..ahem ‘American Anthems’!?!


My Thoughts;

Every week the ‘theme’ of the show, if you can even call it that becomes more and more vague. American anthems? what a farce and as much as it pains me to admit, I agree with Louis, Simon bends the rules accordingly as he is God. But c’mon, if he was going to totally disregard the theme, then really he could have chosen something better. Actually, all of One Directions song choices have been poor as well as completely cringe worthy.The karaoke style singing and hysterical spasmic hip action with the odd clicking of the fingers (ahem Niall Horan!) have led to some cheesy, terrible performances. How could Simon honestly say that One Direction were in the same league as Rebecca or Matt?What about Aiden ?who in my opinion was equally as impressive. Ok, so One Direction are very cute (in a kind of Justin Bieber meets Harry Potter way) and I really did like their audition at Simon’s pad, but since then they have sang some really atrocious songs. A group of self professed ‘indie’ boys singing a Kelly Clarkson song… Goodbye credibility and hello High School the Musical!! all Simon see’s are 5 glitterling Β£ signs boys!

Aiden Grimshaw is, in my opinion, the most original and ‘current’ competitor, but for  some reason or other he does not fit into Simon’s picture of this years x factor victor. Where was the standing ovation for ‘Mad World’? Perhaps if Ms Cole/Tweedy was his mentor things would be a lot different. If Cheryl was mentoring Wagner, Simon would probably be praising him to the high heavens (not that she’d ever be given anything so ghastly). In a show where Simon is constantly harping on about originality, he seems to have completely over looked the only half decent original singer in the entire competition. Meh, the show is rigged. Joe Mc Elderry’s win last year and Alexandra Burke’s the year before are proof of that.


If I were Katie, I’d probably just emigrate. Her ‘sing off’ was such an embarrassment, she really did shred her last ounce of dignity when she plonked her skinny arse on the ground. She didn’t know the words (pick a song you do know then, duh) and at times she looked a bit crazed and slightly demonic. For a couple of minutes it looked like she had completely lost her marbles. I was waiting for the big men in suits to escort her off the stage. It was all very, very weird and if I am quite honest she made me feel queasy…. Katie, begging is never cute.

To briefly comment on the performances;

Cher Lloyd: predictable…and even though last week she proved to all us ‘unbelievers’ that she really could sing as well as warble, she should really have thought twice on song choice. Do not try and imitate Alicia Keys.. baby steps Cher! Oh and she rapped.. quelle surprise 5/10

Mary Byrne: bah bah bahhhhhhh! Tesco Mary flopped this week. Why oh why did Louis give her that silly Faith Hill song. Modern? mmmmm well no, no it was not. It looked like all her fire had quenched.  I  did feel a little sorry for her and I do wish her well in the coming weeks. Louis Walsh please give Tesco Mary ‘you’ve got the love’. That’s a modern song which she could really put her stamp on, no more silliness, you have been warned! 5/10

Paije Richardson: Good! very good in fact! I think it was one of the only times where the dancers actually enhanced the performance. I liked the whole glee style mash-up thing. Good for you Paije! I really would love to hear him singing true colours if he survives next week, his audition at Dannii’s house was stunning.. 8/10

Aiden Grimshaw: Well I have all ready let my love for this lad be known. I thought his performance was great. I liked the way he tried to smile, but hey to quote Louis Walsh ‘ intense is good…Cheryl!’ The fire on stage, I will admit was a little unnecessary…. But I likey, i likey a lot. 9/10

Katie Waissel: mmmm No Doubt? hmm boring, forgettable, unoriginal. I hate when the judges say crap like ‘rock chick’ although her make-up was a bazillion times more complimentary and less scarecrow chique.  ..4/10

Rebecca Ferguson: Beautiful as usual. The song choice was great! although I thought Gamu sang it better at bootcamp. I hope she makes it to the final, but so far I am not convinced she should win ( although I think she  might.. she has Cheryl after all) 9/10

Matt Cardle: Amazing, Amazing, Amazing! Best performance of the series… what a voice… I had shivers, goose-pimples, the works! wow 10/10

Wagner: the less said about his performance the better 2/10

Treyc Cohen: Good voice but about as current as Flared jeans. Snooze fest. 5/10

One Direction: Bad song, terrible styling. A group of arthritic geriatrics could move better and lets just say without the backing track the whole performance would have just fallen to pieces. woeful! 3/10.


Who will be in the sing off next week: Katie and Paije (although it really should be Wagner or One Direction).

Who I think should be in the final; Matt, Aiden and Rebecca

Who I think will be in the final; Matt, Rebecca, One Direction.


It’s Dannii’s year people!



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  1. colourfulchatterbox

    I agree with you about Aiden. LOVE him. For the same reasons you mentioned I don’t want him to win…if he does Simon will change him into some wierd pop thing πŸ™ That CANNOT happen. So I want him second or 3rd πŸ™‚ Or else the final will be ridiculous to watch.

    I don’t hate One Direction as much as you do…I know they can do better, but Simon is relying too much on their fanbase and he has gotten lazy. Even though he only has one act…He needs to step away from the pop. But he won’t πŸ™

    Wagner should be in the minuses…we all know he is there for entertainment. He is worst that Jedward for the simple reason that he is 54. Jedward are 19 and not perverts whilst Wagner is. He has already had several restraining rules from the dancers.

    Other than that I totally agree!! It’s nice to see someone stick up for Aiden!!! πŸ˜€

  2. Angeline_dupuis

    Hey colourful chatter box!

    Looking back over my entry, I do feel I was a tad harsh. Admittedly, I do like the boys. When they first sang together, I thought it was genius in the making, however I just feel that Simon is morphing them into something which rids them of any kind of credibility. I’d love to see their performance stripped back so we could actually hear them sing. I don’t hate the boys, I just kind of hate what Simon is making them into. I agree Simon is relying far too much on their teenie bopper fan base, which can only carry them so long in the competition.

    Go Aiden πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for you comment, I really appreciate it!

    1. colourfulchatterbox

      That’s all I was trying to say…based on what we have seen your article is completly justified πŸ™‚

      Simon is kinda blind to any kind of alternative talent…yet I still watch the show…:P

      We need more team Aiden fans!! WOOT. πŸ˜€

  3. Gerard McGarry

    Love your post Angeline! Hope you enjoy writing on Shout, by the way πŸ™‚

    The themes on X Factor have been a bone of contention with me for years. I never thought it was fair to ask an inexperienced singer to cover a Michael Jackson song, or a teenager to try and sing Frank Sinatra. The themes have cost contestants their places by making people sing songs that are outside their comfort zone, making them sound awful and losing them votes.

    I like what they’re doing this year – throwing out a very broad theme is good, because the contestants have much more choice and can pick songs that they know or that suit them. It’s actually a very good opportunity for them.

    OK, some of the interpretations of the themes are completely off the wall, but I can live with that. It’s more important that the contestants get the right songs.

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