X Factor- We’re at the end of another series!

X Factor- We’re at the end of another series!

Tonight either Sam Bailey or Nicholas McDonald will be crowned the winner of the tenth series of The X Factor. It’s been an eventful series and now we are down to two people. Who will win?

The 10th series of X Factor began with the arrival of Sharon Osbourne after Tulisa exited the show. Sharon brought a breath of fresh air to the show, bringing a lot of laughter with Louis and her hilarious comments.  She has been really funny on the Xtra Factor too. Unfortunately it seems she is only back for this series and will be leaving again. We will lose Gary Barlow this year and although he has been lovely, I’m hoping we will see the return of Simon. Potentially Nicole will be going too which will mean three spaces will be left to be filled. Although it’s nice to see the judges getting on well, it was fun with more controversy and bigger characters.

The show brought back the room auditions which did bring an intimacy back to the show. I enjoyed the room auditions and then seeing them again the following night for the arena auditions. Bootcamp was controversial, although I missed the mixed auditions and the first part of bootcamp felt very rushed. The 6 chairs proved very watchable but was a bit cruel to contestants. It will be interesting to see if Simon does it again next year! Judges Houses brought us a few shocks when singers such as Melanie McCabe, Joseph and Ryan were booted out!

The live shows began with the girls being the strongest category. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be and Tamera couldn’t remember her words. She was favourite to win alongside Sam Bailey but was booted out in fifth place. Hannah went out in sixth place after wowing with her voice but not connecting with the viewers. Abi meanwhile just didn’t connect with the songs and went out earlier in the competition. The boys did much better than was expected at the start of the competition. Nicholas is now in the top 2, despite not seeming to be popular with the public. Luke Friend who was one of the favourites to go early got all the way to third and was a dark horse. His uniqueness shined through and although everyone seemed to love him, he couldn’t beat Nicholas and Sam Bailey. Sam Callahan did better than expected too despite not being able to sing too well.

The overs, Shelley and Lorna, both went the first two weeks and it’s a shame that Sharon didn’t put Joseph through to be honest as he would of lasted a lot longer. Sam Bailey is a star, although I’m not sure if I will be buying her music. Meanwhile the groups didn’t do so well. Miss Dynamix went the third week after not connecting with each other and the public and having to miss a week. Kingsland Road did okay but didn’t set the show on fire to be honest. Rough Copy were really good but just didn’t get the votes unfortunately but will signed and could be the new JLS.

The weeks have been quite interesting but we did miss a controversial act that we could moan about every week and bring some fun to the show. Sam and Nicholas are quite predictable winners and I’m not sure how well they will do in the Charts. I think I would prefer Sam to win as her voice is fantastic. Here’s to the next series, let’s hope Simon will come back!



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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I actually liked the chemistry between the judges this year. There seemed to be a don’t give a shit attitude, especially among Sharon and Nicole. They were so giddy every week that people thought they were drunk. It’s that kind of end of term madness, and it made them much more entertaining.

    Unfortunately, what was happening on stage was so much less interesting. The room auditions set it up so were were essentially watching repeats on consecutive nights. The contestant would sing in the room, then we’d be subjected to the exact same song the next night in an arena. They need to choose one or the other.

    But what really killed it for me was the sheer lack of talent, especially toward the final. Nicholas McDonald seems like a nice kid, but he wasn’t evenly matched for Sam Bailey. No wonder Louis Walsh switched allegiances right at the end.

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