X Factor: Who Might Win?

So we are in week 4 of the X Factor Live Shows and we are starting to see front runners emerge. Contestants that weren’t so popular are now charging in front of the others. Here’s a look at who might win:

X Factor returned back in September and has had everyone gripped to their screens. Over the last few weeks during live shows, we have 3 contestants so far. 2 of Mrs O’s overs Shelley and Lorna and Gary’s group Miss Dynamix were the first ones to go. Lorna was fairly well known with the audience after we saw her for a limited time on our screens so was first to go. Shelley, the lovable but not popular enough lady was next to leave the show and then finally last week Miss Dynamix, Gary’s creation was given the boot.

Tonight another contestant will be shown the door and the race will continue to the final next month. Early favourites have a bad history with the show as the viewers love a journey but this year an early favourite might actually win if Sam and Tamera stay as popular. Here’s a look at the contestants:

Luke Friend: Luke is definitely a grower as he has gained popularity over the last couple of weeks. Fairly unknown with the audience, it was a bit of a shock when he got through. However, his stage presence and voice has really improved and he has been one of my favourites the last two weeks. I think he has a great chance of getting in the final 5 at least.

Tamera Foster: Her memorable arena audition made her popular from the start. Her voice is beautiful and amazing and she definitely is a star in the making. However, I feel like she might not win the whole thing as I’m not sure if she will get people picking up the phone for her in the final as the bad press hasn’t helped her.

Hannah Barret: Hannah has got an amazing voice and a lot of soul. Since her first audition she has gained confidence and her voice is really shining. I was shocked she was in the bottom two last week and I don’t think she will be again. She will make the final 5 at least with her impressive voice and bubbly personality.

Abi Alton: I really liked Abi’s first auditon but unfortunately she has lost some popularity since then. I think her voice doesn’t suit the different themes and I feel sorry for her that it’s upsetting her so much every week when she gets  bad comments. I think she would be better off leaving the competition which I think will happen next week.

Nicholas McDonald: Nicholas is super sweet and gained popularity after the first initial audition. His arena audition was beautiful and I loved his cover of Christina Perri. The last two weeks I have felt he hasn’t been as strong, he looked a bit uncomfortable last night. But I think he will make the final 4 and could have a good career after with the right songs.

Sam Callahan: Sam was fairly unknown to the public too after not being shown too much on the show before reaching bootcamp. He’s a good looking guy but his voice isn’t as good as the others. He puts on a show but his song choices don’t suit him. it’s interesting to hear he would like to do his own music (he said on xtra factor last night) as I think he would sound much better. Tonight will likely be his time to go.

Kingsland Road: Kingsland Road started off quite well at their audition. I liked them at judges houses and the first week they were quite good. However, last night something just didn’t click and I think that they might be in the bottom two tonight. I think they are quite a good boy band but I don’t think they have a chance of making the final.

Rough Copy: I loved their audition and their bootcamp audition and were excited to see them reach the live stages. First week was amazing but since I felt they were given the wrong songs. They have a lot of love behind them and last night they were really good. I think they will make the final and could win if they pull out some good song choices over the next couple of weeks.

Sam Bailey: Sam has been the other top favourite alongside Tamera since the start. As well as her killer voice, she seems like a really likeable person and her personality shines through. Every week she has pulled out a stonker and I have really enjoyed her performances. I’m not sure where her market will be after the show but she has a great chance of winning.

So I think the final will likely be Tamera, Sam Bailey and Rough Copy with Sam winning the whole thing but Nicholas, Hannah and Luke have a good chance of being there as well. I think the next 3 to go will be Kingsland Road, Sam Callahan and Abi Alton and after that it will get very tough!


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