X Factor: Will Konnie Huq return to Xtra Factor next year?

One of the changes that this year’s X Factor brought was a new host for Xtra Factor, the spin-off show on ITV2. Konnie Huq replaced the extremely eye-friendly Holly Willoughby. The decision met with annoyance from X Factor fans, though I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt.

I love Xtra Factor. In fact, it’s one of the best things about The X Factor that not enough people know about. It’s a wonderful magazine programme that takes place immediately after the live shows. We get interviews and bitchiness from the judges, a few frivolous, silly segments and special guests and interviews with the outgoing contestants.

Remarkably, the format this year hasn’t changed much. But I find Konnie Huq an intensely annoying presenter. Sorry to be mean, but there it is. She’s scatty, she rubs people up the wrong way entirely (witness several moments this series where either Cheryl Cole or Dannii Minogue looked like they wanted to kill her). She’s also quite a bad interviewer – she tends to ask a question and then interrupt the answer to give her own opinion, throwing the interviewee into confusion.

I used to think Fearne Cotton plumbed the depths of insincerity when she was the show’s host. However, I’ve warmed to Fearne through Must Be The Music and I’d even welcome her back in place of Konnie. 

There have even been points this year where it looked like Simon Cowell was regretting his decision to hire Konnie as the host of the show – you’d see him staring at her in disbelief during panel interviews. Even Dermot O’Leary seemed to be a little prickly and on-edge around her. 

I’d be interested in your thoughts folks – have you enjoyed Konnie this year, or is it time she was shuffled along? If so, who should she be replaced with? Do we want Holly back?

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