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After several weeks of double auditions and last week’s controversial bootcamp, we are now down to our final 24. Last night saw Sharon and Louis choose their final 3 and there was some shock decisions. Tonight it’s Gary and Nicole’s turn…

X factor’s double auditions were quite dramatic and was a worthwhile improvement. I think the return of the room allowed us to see the true talent. Last week, Bootcamp caused a lot of controversy with viewers.  The chair challenge saw contestants battling it out for a place on the 6 chairs and even when they got a seat, if their judge found someone better, they were sent off packing. I thought it was a bit cruel but it was gripping, got everyone talking and watching. I felt we got to know the contestants more as well doing that rather than normally where they stand in a line and they choose their 6. So with their final 6 for each category, the judges jetted off to their ‘homes’. Louis who went to St Tropez with his boys and Sharon who actually filmed at her own home in LA with the Over 25’s were shown last night.

Sharon’s overs were very strong this year with all of them having good voices. It is normally quite obvious who will go through, especially when you consider who’s been given air time. Andrea for example had barely been shown so I thought there was a chance she wouldn’t make it through. With Robbie’s help, she whittled it down from 6 to 3 leaving just Shelley, Sam and Lorna. I have to admit I thought before the show that the 3 going through would have been Shelley, Sam and Joseph. We hadn’t seen much of Lorna but her voice was incredible last night and I do remember her singing Dance with Somebody which was great so I think she earned her spot. Sam was always going to go through and she has a great voice. I hope we see her dancing too in the upcoming weeks. When it got down to Shelley and Joseph, I was disappointed Sharon didn’t go with Joseph. Although I think Shelley seems like a great character, I think Joseph would have been an asset for the show and his rock style voice would have shone through as we have nobody like that this year in the show. I like Shelley but I fear she may be one of the first to go.

The boys meanwhile are also very strong this year with the younger ones really shining through. I was again shocked with who made it through with the boys. With Nicole, Sinitta and Shane’s help, Louis managed to whittle them down to his final 3, taking through Luke, Sam and Nicholas. I was expecting Ryan, Paul and Nicholas to make the final 3. Again, we hadn’t seen too much of Luke and I was surprised that he made it through. I like his voice but I’m not sure how he will click with the audience. I also did like Sam and I think he will be able to quite diverse with the song choices. However, I did think Paul and Ryan were stronger. Paul especially, was incredible and wowed everyone at bootcamp and I thought he sounded amazing last night. I think Louis thought he didn’t have star quality but I think he did. He might not look and be as confident as other pop stars but people like Adele and even James Arthur are hardly conventional pop stars. Also Ryan had a fab voice too and I would of liked him to be in the top three. I did agree with Louis with Nicholas. The 16 year old is amazing and everything he sings is lovely and wonderful. I think he will go far in the competition.

So tonight we have Nicole who I believe is going to Antigua with her final 6 girls. The girls are the strongest category this year with all 6 girls having a good chance of getting through. I think that it might be Hannah, Tamera and Melanie who make the final 3 this year and then either of those 3 could go on to win it. Hannah is incredible and has a real soulful voice. Melanie, who has been on the show so many times, would be heartbroken if she doesn’t get through again and I think it’s her year. I think people will get behind her because of how many times she has been to the show and been unlucky and moreover she has a fabulous voice. Tamera I think was great when she sang Whitney and also Beyonce. I like her but I’m not sure she will click with the audience. Abi has been shown a lot and she does have a lovely voice so she does have a good chance of getting through. She is quite unique but might lose her sparkle when she has to sing dance/lively tunes.  I really like Jade and was upset when Kelly put through Sophie 2 years ago instead of her. I would love for her to get through but I fear we haven’t seen enough of her. Also Relley is amazing and I really liked her audition but I’m not sure if it’s her time.

The groups are going to New York and I think they are the weakest category this year. I think the groups this year that will go through will be his new group called Stop Look and Listen, Rough Copy and maybe Kingsland. The bands the judges create always have a higher chance of getting through. They do look the part together but whether they can be popular and not all want the limelight is a question. Rough Copy were great last year and this year they are really good. I hope they let the third person back in for the live shows if they do make it as they are better as a group of three. Kingland are the boyband that we normally get each year. I think they were quite good though and the girls will get behind them. We have hardly seen Xyra and although they sounded good at bootcamp, I think they will be going home. Code 4 we also haven’t seen a lot off but seemed to be quite good at working the stage. Brick city were quite good though and Gary has a soft spot for them so there is a chance they might make it through tonight.

X Factor definitely has been quite gripping this year and very watchable. I think Sharon has brought a real sparkle back to the show and I can’t wait for the live shows. Let’s hope there is a wild card so Paul or Joseph could come back.


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