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I for one was not surprised at the farse X Factor has become. People being picked for the publicity they would generate (good/bad) and not talent. Let us start with the Judges roles:

Cheryl – being picked to mentor the girls again. She started with girls, then boys and now girls again. Where is that fair!! Should she not have the groups or over now?

Then there the girls she put through – clearly of all three, Rebecca is the only one that can sell records. Reminds me of Leona(both in talent and humility). Then there is Cher who in fairness gave a very good first audition, but that is where it ends. The second audition was all over the place and too identical to the first and the final one was a mess regardless of her having a sore throat. It got too predictable (try rapping initial stages and then a little bit of singing) to me this was hiding the fact that she did not have a range and was a one track pony.

Do not get me started on Katie………….the I want to be famous at all cost. Blew her first audition but was put through to bootcamp where she did not fare any better and then blew the last audition and these are the people Cheryl picked. I have never rated Cheryl much although liked her but now it is very clear that the programme is nothing but a farse. My advise to the talented Ms TreyC, Anastacia, Kerri and Gamu is to send demo tapes to record companies and keep at it until someone says yes and not bother with going through a farse like the X Farsetor.

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  1. Ageing tart

    I have to agree with your post. BTW if we have not spoken before a warm welcome to unrealitytv shout.

    This last week I gave a short discussion and lecture on how to prepare a professional demo and you know it was something that thrilled me to bits, that all artists irrespective of age are thinking of doing this again.

    You see with reality tv talent shows there has been a backlash.

    One of the them has been an increase in pupils who want lessons for 4 weeks and they think that’s it, i’m set for BGT or the X factor and off they go. As a singing teacher, classical performer and Music Industry Mentor, you have no choice but to go with the flow, however in so doing, you do hope that one day you will see a return of a few pupils who you felt really have got something to offer the industry.

    Another has been established artists feeling like they should be giving up because the Talent scouts are not visiting their performance venues, when someone with no training can enter a tv talent show and be made overnight. So I spend time mentoring and restoring confidence and encouraging people to continue wanting to perform and build a fan base in their regions.

    All of this is hard work, because the general feeling is negative.

    I relish the idea of a return to some kind of normality where an artist works towards a goal and then starts to go for it. Sending demos to A & R men within record companies, setting up web pages and having a go at promoting themselves, investing in a musical career and working towards an album or a portfolio of repertoire.

    You know one of the things that really stands out like a sore thumb with the X factor is how contestants are not prepared to sing an entire song, in some ways I’m grateful that they don’t – but in others, I keep thinking how do we know that such and such a singer, will be able to come up with the goods to sing a 3 minute song or 4 minute song, when all they have is 30 seconds to 1 minute to impress you.

    So there you have it a musicians grumble.


    AGeing tart

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