You’ve really gotta hand it to Mr Cowell, the man (oh and what a man he is) knows exactly how to cause up a fuss when its needed.

Many forum’s including my favourite http://forum.unrealitytv.co.uk/ have been alive with frantic auditionees over the last 24 hours wondering what on earth is going on.

Well according to the XF website all 2009 auditions are  to be now filmed infront of a live audience (BGT stylee) of approximately 4000 spectators per venue. (2000 per sitting, 2 sittings per day)

why? well, on his gmtv interview this morning simon cowell stated it is to give the auditionees a fairer chance and for the audience to possibly sway the vote.

he admitted that had susan boyle entered the xfactor, her initial audition in the old format without the audience and the atmosphere would’v been somewhat boring………..and she may not have faired so well.

anyone wanting to be in the audience can request a ticket from the applause store, and hope they get selected for a reservation. chances are slim, but its worth it if only to really see what goes on in the XF audition room

i hate to sound cynical here, but as i’v experienced the audition process personally i feel this a very brave move on the part of cowell.

glasgow auditions which happened last weekend now have to be redone and re-shot, which sounds very conspicuous to me – i have to wonder,  how on earth are they going to get the rejected ones to come back and stand in front of a 2000 strong audience only to be told ‘no your rubbish’ once again?

are the production team going to contact the rejected glasgow auditioness and suggest they may have a second shot at it and that the judges may change their mind – if so, surely this is a form of manipulation and quite underhand,  or is it a case that they genuinely may change their mind on someone who’s already been told no and then wow what a story they would have for the glasgow express. its got me intrigued, thats for sure.

on one hand it is a genius way of publicising his ‘caring’ nature to (in his words, on a recent interview) ‘ allow the auditionees to experience the live show experience in the early stages’  – and of course to allow the public to love him for it. oh simon what a hero you are.

but of course it is a bonus for him to also find the auditioness that are able to cope with the added pressure and nurture the ones he hopes are not going to cry off sick when it comes to the time that it matters i.e the big money tour dates at the end, after all, and lets face it, (speaking hyperthetically of course) he would  be pretty peaved if the ‘star of the show’, the one who they banked on, couldnt carry through a complete contract that he had money invested in. thered be a few apologies being made wouldnt there if an act was in demand all over the world but mr cowell couldnt deliver due to the so-called  new phenomenan wasn’t up to it.

on the other hand it could backfire badly, the XF has always been produced very well. The, shall we say, not so talented ones are often made to look even more foolish than they actually were and often made to sound worse by clever cutting and editing of film.

surely with a huge audience involved it must make it much more difficult to change the way an audition looks on the telly, and when those 4000 spectators view the edited footage in the autumn it may become very apparent regarding the changes made.

maybe theres some other underlying issues here too…………….has the show had its day? has it lost its appeal? are they are in need of some serious restructuring and re-thinking?

what with the sudden change of ‘all auditions are now open auditions’ a few months back, it was a general consensus that they just simply didnt have that many apply in the first place,

take into account, the embarrassment of eoghan quigg’s flop in the charts despite statements that he won the most votes from 6 of the live shows making him the most popular act last year, along with the recent backlash from all the press regarding some of acts in BGT – susan boyle, hollie steel, aiden davies who all found it too much pressure,

add a pinch of an even more recent daily mail article from other previous XF acts slating their treatment whilst on the show and how the producers manipulated them and favoured others acts.

Could it be that mr Cowell is clutching at a broken string here, trying to win back favour with the slowly deteriorating and untrusting voting public?





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