XFactor – Dannii gets it right!

You see, I go out for one lousy night and look what happens? Who’d have thought my one vote for Danyl would have made such a difference. Sorry, Danyl, I’ll vote twice next week.

Olly has a storming song choice, Bewitched, very topical, brilliantly performed – Buble all over it! Lloyd was a boy singing a man’s song – Fly Me To The Moon – should’ve been in the sing off. Miss Frank and That’s Life a different but cool spin on a classic, at least Graziella got to rap. I hope they carry on and get a break – their version of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore in the sing off I really liked. Rachel Proud Mary – I was watching a jive to this on Sunday night – looking much better, strong vocal, full of energy. Yay for Rachel. Finally! So glad she went straight through. Jamie sings U2’s Angel of Harlem with a big band. Cheating? No, if a song is good enough it lends itself to any arrangement. This worked, Jamie was Jamie, another confident performance and quite rightly through. Stacey looks a million dollars singing When You Wish Upon A Star but shaky in some parts tonight and she’s still uncomfortable on the stage. Danyl was Feeling Good I’m sure, until Sunday night. Sing off? Following that performance? Assured, confident, musical – was everyone else out too? Owns the stage and delivers. I Get By … his audition song should have seen him straight through with the judges, Cheryl. Lucie’s best performance to date with My Funny Valentine, stunning vocal, one teensy little wobble. Shame about the black tape holding her dress together. Dedward and She Bangs. This isn’t traditional big band either Louis – and let’s blame you while I’m at it for putting these two through – the very nature of the GBP will see these underdogs through at the expense of someone with a real shot. Nice one. Still, that was their best to date, they may even have improved slightly – some positive comments might take the sting out of that phone vote, we all know how it works, judges, it’s about time you learned! Joe sings Sway and really, he would have coped far better with Come Fly With Me with Lloyd given Sway. Cheryl, you are losing it with wrong song choices, what you were nearly wearing again and bottling the decision to put through Danyl. *Tuts*



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