XFactor tour 2010 – Nottingham Trent Arena review.

Okay, so its taken me a while to write this.


basically, i love the xfactor show, i love everything about it, the entertainment side in the early rounds, the unvieling of brand new talent, the controversial storylines and use of media to generate votes,  and the whole way in which it dominates our lives in the autumn months……but the epitimy of it all is the overall outcome , the winner , their success in the charts, and of course the tour; where all these so-called undiscovered talents can showcase their abilities up and down the nation live infront of thousands night after night. 

well im sorry to say it but the tour was such a disappointment this year!

it had all the makings of an amazing stage show –  double figure amounts of dancers packing the stage with some absolutely brilliant choreography, pyrotechnics throughout the night, lazers , blasts of fire,  an hydraulic raising stage, a SECOND stage set at the back of the arena (which was a little annoying for people like me who paid extra for front rowers). we had jedward flying though the arena on trapeze wire, we even had a 20 foot blow up marshmallow man,  but what it sadly lacked,  was the one thing it really needed and that was cracking good vocals from the actual stars of the show…..

there was a couple of times when it was blatently obvious there was some lip-syncing going on, and when they were singing live many were missing notes and going off key.

Jamie Afro sounded fundementally tired in his vocals. im a big big fan of his,and he gets away with the gruffness to an extent because of his genre, but i could hear his voice struggling and i can only put it down to the fact that his voice is finding it hard to keep up with the gruelling schedule and receiving too much of a hammering night after night.

unfortunately Lloyd Daniels, as much as a nice kid he is, looked lost up there, the dancers filled the stage for him, but he know where near ‘owned it’ and again another one who sounded weak.

Olly on the other hand, did own the stage, his presence was felt all night even on the group songs he and daniel johnson stood out head and shoulders above the rest with their suave and sophisticated yet funloving appraoch,

and while im on the subject of daniel johnson, i want to add this; during the T.V series i was NEVER a fan of his at all, i didnt like his stage attitude, i thought he came accross above himself and over confident, yet there was no doubt he’s a great singer.

on the tour i met him for a split second in the backstage meet and greet area, i watched him as he was chatting happily away to the competition winners and seemed like such a nice genuine guy, he was pleasant, approachable and actually quite down to earth. once he was on stage i expected the other persona to come through but it didnt. there was momants!! very small momants!! when the ‘look at me’  attitude fitlered through, but i guess thats just part and parcel of having that certain something to make you stand out from the rest, the rest of the time he seemed to have an air of gratitude about him…….maybe not receiving a contract (as expected) has knocked him down to reality and he’s realised he needs to make the most of what is in the here and now, i dont know. but he was certainly acknowledging the fans well, giving them a wink and a wave at every opertunity and really connecting with them on the personal level.

What surprised me on the night more than anything was the fact that along the whole of the front row, only myself and my friend stood up throughout the gig….. everyone else seemed to sit down as if they were at the theatre and after the intial excitement of the opening scene they were happy to just sit and watch rather than get up and dance.

i have to give reference to joe, as the winner , you would expect the big entrance, the big stage production and an extravagant finale, well we did get that from his part of the show, but everything else about it was somewhat boring. his vocals were characteristical consistant and strong as is expected, but there was just no pizazz. he looked the part…..very edgy and ‘jls -like’ with his stage wear, just abit boring with the song choices and im presuming his version of Taylor Swifts Love Story, which incidentally he did perform exceptionally on the night, is just a snippet of what we will expect from him on the new album.

but what stands out for me was Jedward…….and i really hate to say this……but it was them who made the whole gig remotely enjoyable…….even more so when they tried to introduce themselves after ‘singing’ their debut single ‘under pressure’, yet their mics were off .

it will be interesting to see what happens to the stars of series 6 over the next few months as we head into another bombardation of auditions.

if anyone has any news, gossip  or personal opinion, be sure to head over to our Xfactor group and shout!  about it.






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