Yeo Valley for Number One? Become part of the campaign!

For me, the Yeo Valley advert may be one of the funniest things on TV this year. For others, it’s the television equivalent of Guantanamo Bay style torture.

Every weekend I look forward to a bunch of fake Somerset farmers rapping in the ad breaks between X Factor. It’s a perfect mix of hip-hop, comedy and one incredibly hot female farmer who in real life would be much muddier

What I didn’t know – and this amuses me no end – is that the advert’s had more than a million views on YouTube. Sorry, YeoTube. The song has “charted at number 17 in the R&B charts and at number 42 in the overall iTunes chart.”

Now normally I think Internet campaigns are udderly stupid, but this could well be the viral hit of the year. What about it, folks? Should we try and get Yeo Valley to Number 1?

For more information and links to buy the song/ringtone, check this page out! Oo-ar!

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